Mental aging

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  1. What are the types of dementia?
    • Alzheimer's
    • Vascular dementia
    • Mixed dementia
    • Dementia with Lewy bodies
    • Parkinson's disease
  2. What is involved with creativity?
    divergent thinking
  3. What are the 5 components of wisdom?
    • factual knowledge (understanding basic facts)
    • strategic knowledge (how to do things)
    • uncertainties (acceptance of not always having the answers)
    • relativism (having values and goals)
    • contexts (things change from time to time and place to place)
  4. What are the forms of intelligence?
    • fluid (processing new information)
    • crystallized (ability based on learned experience)
  5. What is the classic aging pattern?
    • fluid intelligence tends to drop off with age
    • crystallized intelligence tends to slightly increase with age
  6. How is intelligence measured?
    • verbal meaning (correct definition of words)
    • space (match abstract, rotated figures to stimulus figures)
    • reasoning (determine pattern in a letter series and select the next correct letter from five options)
    • number (mathematical ability)
    • word fluency (understanding of words)
  7. How are the forms of memory affected by aging?
    • sensory memory does not change
    • working memory slows down
    • procedural and semantic long term memory has no change
    • episodic long term memory slows down
  8. What are the symptoms for clinical depression?
    • depressed mood
    • loss of interest in pleasurable activities
    • loss of appetite
    • sleep disturbances
    • fatigue
    • feelings of worthlessness
    • difficulties in thinking/concentrating
    • psychomotor disturbances
    • suicidal notions for 2+ weeks
  9. Who is at a greater risk of depression in old age in nursing homes?
  10. What is personality?
    a social construct that helps us understand who we are and how we react to the environment
  11. What is neuroticism?
    high neuroticism=high anxiety, hostility and sensitivity to criticism
  12. What is extroversion?
    high sociability, interest in being center of attention and seeks excitement
  13. What is openness to experience?
    being imaginative and open to going somewhere new or trying something new
  14. What is agreeableness?
    trusting, submissive, and may be easily persuaded by others
  15. What is conscientiousness?
    well organized, competent, and high level of self-discipline
  16. What is coping?
    a state of compatibility between the individual and the environment that allows for well being
  17. How is coping facilitated?
    • lowered anxiety
    • greater impulse control (thinking things through)
    • openness
    • social support
    • new roles
    • modification of environment
    • money
    • health
    • education
  18. What are the types of midlife women?
    • traditional (caring for everyone else)
    • Innovative (followed male-model, education to work)
    • Expansive (radical break from past through divorce or widowhood)
    • Protestors (break from early life requirement)
  19. What was the biggest contribution of stage theories?
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