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  1. restrained
    to prevent furtner action
  2. sagacity
    acuteness or soundness of judgement
  3. supress
    to prevent from occurring
  4. tactful
    handling with respect; acting in a respectful way
  5. transient
    not lasting; temporary
  6. venerable
  7. haughty
    rudely overproud
  8. hypothesis
    a proposition set forth for the purpose of explaining a phenomenon
  9. impute
    to attribute or ascribe
  10. intrepid
    without fear
  11. ostentatious
    in an attempt to impress or attract attention
  12. parched
    dry, hot, or thirsty
  13. prtentious
    making an exaggerated show
  14. provocative
    tending to irritate or stimulate
  15. rancorous
    showing hatred or malice
  16. reconciliation
    the process of accepting the unwanted
  17. abscond
    to leave quickly oand secretly, often to avoid arrest or prosecution
  18. accost
    to approach with purpose OR to boldly confront
  19. connoisseur
    a person expecially adept in a specific field
  20. endeavor
    a strenuous effort or attempt OR the act of attempting (often used with infinitive)
  21. explicit
    definite and unreserved in expression
  22. impunity
    exemption from punishment
  23. niche
    a hole or recess in a wall
  24. obstinate
    not easily controlled or overcome
  25. preclude
    to exclude from something
  26. recoil
    to draw back as if in alarm
  27. redress
    to set right what is worng
  28. retribution
    something given or inflicted in such requital
  29. surmount
    to overcome
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