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  1. what is a linear fx
    fxs of the skull that appear jagged or irregular lucent lines that lie at right angles to the axis of the bone
  2. Depressed fx
    • ping pong fx
    • a fragment of bone that is separated and depressed into the cranial cavity
  3. Basal skull fx
    what modality of choice is used to view this fx
    fx through the dense inner structures of the temporal bone

  4. why are gunshot wounds to the skull easily visualized
    because of the lead in the bullet
  5. what are neplasms
    new and abnormal growths
  6. what are lesions with proliferative bony growths of increased density (brightness)
    osteoblastic lesion
  7. what are metastases
    are primary malignant neoplasms that spread to distant sites via blood and the lymphatic system.
  8. what are destructuve lesions with irregular margins
    osteolytic metastases
  9. combination osteolytic and osteblastic
    lesions that have a moth eaten appearance of bone because of the mix destructive and blastic lesions
  10. what are pituitary adenomas
    tumors of the pituitary gland
  11. Pagets disease is aka
    osteitis deformans
  12. pagets disease:
    what is the radiographic appearance
    • disease of unknown origin that begins as a stage of bony destruction
    • cotton wool appearance w/irregular areas of increased density (sclerosis)
  13. Mastoiditis
    what causes progressive hearing loss
    is a bacterial infection of the mastoid process that can destroy the inner part of the mastoid process

    mastoid air cells are replaced with a fluid filled abscess
  14. Acoustic neuroma
    It is diagnosed with which two modalities
    refers to a benign tumor of the auditory nerve sheath that originates in the internal auditory canal

    CT or MRI
  15. Cholesteatoma

    This can result in
    • a benign cystlike mass tumor that is most common in the middle ear or mastoid region secondary to trauma
    • It destroys bone which can lead to serious complications including hearing loss
  16. polyp
    polyps can cause what disease
    • a growth that arises from a mucous membrane and projects into a cavity (sinus)
    • chronic sinusitis
  17. Osteosclerosis
    Is this the most common cause of hearing loss w/o eardrum damage
    • a hereditary disease that involves excessive spongy bone formation of the middle and inner ear
    • yes
  18. MRI

    provides images of the brain in an axial sagittal and coronal planes

    mostly used on the neonate for the brain which is an integral part of treatment in the ICU it allows for rapid evaluation and screening for premature infants for intracranial hemorrhaging
  19. what position is this
    CR is parallel to ___

    Image Upload
    reverse modified waters (modified acanthioparietal)

  20. what position is this
    the CR is parallel to ____

    Image Upload
    reverse waters (acanthioparietal)

  21. blowout fx
    a fx of the floor of the orbit caused by an object striking the eyes straight on
  22. tripod fx
    is caused by a blow to the cheek resulting in fx of the zygoma in three places
  23. le fort fx
    are severe bilateral horizontal fx of the maxillae that may result in an unstable detached fragment
  24. Sinusitis
    an infection of the sinus mucosa that amybe acute or chronic
  25. contrecoup fx
    to one side of a structure that is caused by an impace on the opposite side
  26. TMJ syndrome
    Clicking of the tmj and pain in this area
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