Regular nonsporing Gram positive rods irregular nonsporing Gram positive rods mycobacterium acti

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  1. Lactobacillus species
    • beer production
    • commonly found in arsenic soils
  2. L. delbruekii
    • high acid producers
    • lining of vagina
  3. Actinoyces bovis
    found on mucous membranes; opportunistic

    • breaks down small molecules on surface of skin
    • if you're immunocompromised, it can cause scepsis or renal failure or pneumonia
  4. C. diphtheriae
    • diphtheria (bullneck) 
    • when patient has bullneck, it can be one of these:
    • mumps can cause this
    • benign head/ neck tumors
    • obesity
    • diphtheria: toxin is on a virus; phage contains toxin (potent)

    • gets double knock out
    • -> lymphdema: not enough air flow due to mechanical problem--> can get pneumonia on top

    behind the grey pseudomembrane, all the tissue is dead; it can kill any tissues
  5. Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    causes tuberculosis

    • in general, mammalian immune system does a bad job dealing with it
    • has strains that are resistant

    remodeling in lungs that form a structre in lung called the ghon complex that has bacteria and immune cells

    • --> if cure, that's enough to keep you alive
    • --> if freq. infected, the ghon complex bursts
  6. Ghon clompex cont. 
    --after bursting
    if in lungs, reinfection of the bacteria and formation of ghon complex, which prevents respiration from occurring

    if into pleural cavity: systemic tuberculosis--> migrates and finds new territory (liver, kidney, colon)--> miliary tuberculosis------>

    liver: immune system can't do anything--> ghon complexes--> metabolic and physical function not occurring
  7. Mycobacterium leprae

    body can't deal well with bacterium; tissue remodeling in cartilage

    ghon like nodules--> can be in joints and deforms joints

    large shallow open sores; hypoxia below; loss of normal architecture

    secondary infection over feelt and hands where open sores are located

    not a lot of damage to elbow and knee
  8. Nocardia asteroides
    pulmonary Nocardiosis in compromised patients

    very rapid onset

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Regular nonsporing Gram positive rods irregular nonsporing Gram positive rods mycobacterium acti
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