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  1. Setting up the BIO
    • 1 adjust headbands
    • 2 adjust pantoscopic tilt
    • 3 adjust size of light source
    • 4 know the diff types of filters
    • 5 adjust PD
  2. the filters
    • white - most commonly used
    • red-free
    • yellow¬†
    • cobalt blue
  3. To adjust PD
    • 1 widen PD
    • 2 wink one eye
    • use the same thumb outstretched in the same position for each eye and both eyes
  4. px instructions
    • ask px to lean forward and place hands on their knees so that you're nice and stable
    • say you'll be shining a bright light into their eye and that you'll be asking them to look in different directions
  5. we start with the _______
    px is to look_________
    • sup fundus
    • up
  6. px is initially set to be
    higher than the optom
  7. when do we bring the lens in?
    after we see the bright reflex
  8. remind px to _______ and to _________
    • keep looking up
    • blink when they need to
  9. BIO routine for optom
    go clockwise
  10. px looks
    • anticlockwise in their POV
    • up, left, down, right + their diagonals in between in order
  11. to assess the nasal fundus, optom has to
    bring self or px to eye level
  12. to view the inf fundus
    pull up upper lid and pull down lower lid for a better view
  13. We view the periphery of the RE first, then we view the
    periphery of the LE
  14. after viewing the periphery of BOTH eyes we view the __
    • posterior pole; ask px to blink in between
    • RE: px to look at optom right ear
    • LE: px to look at optom left ear
  15. after viewing the post pole, instruct px to
    close their eyes to recover from the after images
  16. When positioning the CL lens in front of the ps's eye, we have to ensure that
    Align relfections of back and front of CL and ensure it is going through the px's pupil
  17. when pupil shapes becomes more elliptical, how do we maintain depth perception?
    tilt head in certain direction to ensure both eyepieces are going through the elliptical pupil
  18. if red reflex cannot be seen, it may be due to
    • more darkly pigmented retina
    • position CL and go ahead as usual
  19. when does pupil become elliptical?
    when the px looks peripherally
  20. when the px look peripherally, the pupil
    looks elliptical
  21. What do we observe in post. pole?
    • defined/undefined ONH (swelling/oedema)
    • C/D
    • NRR and ISNT rule
    • deepness of cupping
    • any elevations
  22. Macula Plus 5.5
    • 36deg
    • 5.50x
    • WD 80mm
  23. Pan Ret 2.2
    • 56deg
    • 2.68x
    • WD 40mm
  24. Does it matter which hand holds the CL relative to px's eye?
    No. Can use the dominant hand throughout
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