Kirchhoff's laws

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  1. independent voltage source
    a source whose voltage across its terminals is always the same regardless of the current through it
  2. ideal independent voltage source (constant voltage)
    batteries and voltage power supplies come close to idea under low to moderate currents
  3. independent curren source (constant current)
    the current out of the source is always the same regardless of the voltage across the terminals
  4. active source vs passive sign convention
    active voltage or current sources carry their own sign; ignore psc
  5. in an electrical equivalent to fluid flow, voltage is
    pressure, the fluid's equivalent to electrical flow
  6. KVL
    Kirchhoff's voltage law: the sum of voltages around any closed loop is zero
  7. Kirchhoff's Tour
    going arounda ny loop while summing its voltages
  8. KT rule 1
    when using KVL (kirchhoff's voltage law) around a loop, take the first sign encountered
  9. KT rule 2
    each independent loop must include at least one NEW branch not included in any other loop
  10. KT rule 3
    for n nodes, KCL gives (n-1) independent equations
  11. KCL
    Kirchhoff's current law: the sum of currents at any node is zero
  12. node
    the point at which two or more circuit elements join
  13. essential nodes
    where more than two circuit elements join
  14. branch
    a single path that connects one essential node to another
  15. branch current method step 1
    assign a current to each branch that DOES NOT have a current source.
  16. branch current method step 2
    assign a voltage to each element that does not have a specified voltage
  17. branch current method step 3
    apply KVL to each independent loop, ohm's law to each resistor, and KCL to each essential node
  18. branch current method step 4
    solve the simultaneous equations
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