DHG Test #4

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  1. Which maxillary teeth are the largest and strongest?
    Maxillary molars
  2. First maxillary molar has how many cusps?
    5, including the nonfunctional cusp of caribelli, which is on M-Li cusp
  3. 2nd maxillary molar has how many cusps?
  4. Maxillary molars have how many roots?
    Pulp canals?
    • 3 (MB, DB, Li)
    • 1
  5. Lingual root is also called
    palatal root
  6. How many furcations do maxillary molars have?
    • 3 (B, M, D)
    • no lingual furcation
  7. Maxillary 1st molars: Universal #s
    3, 14
  8. Maxillary 1st molar calcification date?
    eruption date?
    • birth
    • 6-7 years
  9. Maxillary 1st molar is also known as the...
    6 year molar
  10. Maxillary 1st Buccal View:
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