DH embryology and histology ch. 9

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  1. oral mucosa is composed of ___ overlying a connective tissue proper
    stratified squamous epithelium
  2. a ___ lies between the epithelium and connective tissue in the oral mucosa
    basement membrane
  3. 3 main types of oral mucosa are found in the oral cavity
    • lining 
    • masticatory
    • specialized
  4. ___ is a type of mucosa noted for its softer surface texture
    lining mucosa
  5. lining mucosa is a type that is associated with ____
    nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium
  6. lining mucosa has ___ in the lamina propria that provided the tissue with a movable base.
    elastic fibers
  7. a___ deep to the lamina propria is usually present overlyling muscle and allowing compression of the superficial tissue
  8. site used for local anesthetic injections
    lining mucosa
  9. ___ is noted for its rubbery surface texture and resiliency.
    masticatory mucosa
  10. masticatory mucosa includes
    • hard palate
    • attached gingiva
    • dorsal surface of tongue
  11. lining mucosa includes
    • buccal mucosa
    • labial mucosa 
    • alveolar mucosa 
    • ventral surface of tongue
    • floor of mouth
    • soft palate
  12. masticatory mucosa is associated with___2
    orthokeratinized or parakeratinized stratified squamous epithelium
  13. lamina propria in masticatory mucosa has many rete ridges and connective tissue papillae and ___ is extemely thin or absent
  14. specialized mucosa is found on the dorsal surface of the tongue and lateral surface in the form of ___
    lingual papillae
  15. lingual papillae are discrete structures composed of 2
    keratinized epithelium and lamina propria
  16. 3 type of stratified squamous epithelium are found within the oral cavity
    nonkeritinized orthokeratinized parakeratinized
  17. ___ epithelium is associated with the lining mucosa
  18. 2 are associated with masticatory mucosa
    • parakeratinized
    • orthokeratinized
  19. protective features are accentuated in epithelium __
  20. ___ epithelium is the superficial layers lining mucosa
    • nonkeratinized statified squamous
    • common form
  21. a ____ is the deepest of the 3 layers within the lining mucosa
    basal layer or stratum basal
  22. the __ layer of cuboidal epithelial cells overlying the basement membrane superior to the lamina propria in lining mucosa
    basal layer
  23. the basal layer is also considered germinative because __ of the epithelial cells occurs within the layer
  24. the layer of epithelium superficial to the basal layer in nonkeratinized ep. is the ___
    intermediate layer or stratum intermedium
  25. ___ is composed of larger stacked polyhedral shaped cells
    intermediate layer
  26. what layer makes up the bulk on nonkeratin. epi.
    intermediate layer
  27. the most superficial level in nonker. epi. is termed
    superficial layer
  28. ___ epi demonstrates a keratinized of the epthelial cells throughout its most superficial layer
    • orthokeratinized st. squ. epi.
    • least common
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DH embryology and histology ch. 9
DH embryology and histology ch. 9
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