C Law Vocab 1/2

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  1. calumny
    slander, malice, defamation
  2. camera
    chamber, judge's office
  3. canon
    an ecclesiastical law or rule
  4. capita
    head, person, per capita by the individual, by count
  5. carrier
    transporter of passengers or freight
  6. common carrier
    transports good or passengers
  7. private carrier
    transports good or passengers only by contract
  8. carte blanche
    unlimited authority. Freedom to do as you wish
  9. case law
    body of law based on judicial decisions
  10. casus
    an event, an occurrence
  11. casus belli
    cause of war
  12. causa
    a reason or motive, a lawsuit
  13. causa mortis
    in anticipation of death
  14. caveat
    A warning, an admonition
  15. caveat emptor
    let the buyer beware.  He buys at his own risk
  16. caveat venditor
    let the seller be aware
  17. certiorari
    a writ of review issued by a higher court -- usually the Supreme Court--to a lower court to send up a case for review

    also called a cert
  18. challenge
    an objection to a prospective juror
  19. champerty
    a bargain by which one person finances the lawsuit of another in exchange for a portion of the winnings
  20. chattel
    an article of personal property.  anything that isn't attached to the land
  21. choate
    complete, valid, finished
  22. chose
    (shows) chattle, an article of personal property
  23. chose in action
    the right to sue for recovery on a debt
  24. circa
    about, around; indicates a date is approximate, nearly
  25. circumscribe
    to limit
  26. circumspect
  27. citation
    1. a writ commanding the person to appear in court

    2. referring to or reading from legal authorities
  28. class action
    a lawsuit representing large numbers of people
  29. cloture
    a formal process for ending debate
  30. cogent
    appealing to reason, forcibly persuasive
  31. cognizance
    judicial acknowledgement
  32. cognomen
    a person's family name, last name
  33. collusion
    a secret agreement to perform an illegal act, like fraud, conspiracy
  34. color
    appearance, guise
  35. color of authority
    pretense of having an official right
  36. comity
    cooperation, courtesy
  37. commissioner
    • an official who is appointed to serve in place of a judge
    • does duties of a judge but isnt a judge
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