Sociology 101 Marx - Class

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  1. What are the dynamics between productive forces and relations of production?
    • Productive forces are the materials, the skills and the labor
    • Relations of production are relationships between the laborers and the capitalists, feudal lords and serfs, socioeconomic relationships
  2. Modes of production succeeding one another
    • Ancient mode of production
    • Feudal mode of production
    • Capitalist mode of production
  3. Explain Theoretical model of class
    The theoretical model focuses on only two classes defined by their relationship to property.

    • eg. bourgeoisie and proletariat
    • "property owners" "property-less"
  4. Explain Empirical model of class
    • The empirical model is that there are many classes and fractions within classes.
    • These groups of people have not realized that they are a class.
    • eg. lumpenproletariat, peasants, intellectuals
  5. Who are the proletariat and the capitalists?
    • Proletariat: working class without property
    • Capitalists: own property and means of production
  6. "Class in itself"
    is defined by their relations to the means of production
  7. "Class for itself"
    is what occurs when class consciousness is achieved. It is the organized pursuit of common interests.
  8. "Class for itself" is only possible in...
    capitalism due to alienated labor and the four ways classes are formed (antagonism between proletariat/capitalist, concentration, simplification/universalization and political organization).
  9. Class struggle, maturation of class antagonisms, revolution
    • -the working class must first develop class consciousness and organize. this happens as industrialization continues to expand.
    • -they must expose the ideology of the ruling class and exploit the divisions within it.
    • - concentrations of workers enhances their awareness of their similar material conditions
  10. Alienation (estranged labor as origin of private property)
    • Specialized
    • Forced
    • Appropriated by someone else
  11. 5 different forms of alienation
    • nature
    • himself
    • his labor
    • other men
    • his species being
  12. Ruling class and ideology (origins, examples of ideology under Feudalism mode of production)
    • honor
    • duty within dependent relationships
    • loyalty
  13. Ruling class and ideology (origins, examples of ideology under Capitalism mode of production)
    • freedom
    • equality within contractual relationships
  14. Ruling class and ideology (origins, examples of ideology under Neo-liberal mode of production)
    • capitalism-investors
    • entrepreneurship
  15. Exploitation
    extracts surplus value
  16. Pauperization (absolute)
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  17. relative pauperization
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