Sociology 101 Marx - state ideology

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  1. The state in Marxist theory
    The state is the ultimate form of class organization for the bourgeoisie
  2. Labor as a special commodity, from which surplus value can be extracted
  3. Surplus value as the origin of profit
  4. Exploitation (how to increase exploitation)
    • Capitalist increase surplus value by increasing the number of hours worked
    • Decrease wages below the value of the labor
    • Profit comes from exploitation
  5. Competition (need to stay ahead) as the driving force of capitalism
    • Expansion
    • Squeezing labor more
    • Finding new markets to exploit
  6. Pauperization of the working class (relative pauperization)
    capitalism produces competition amongst workers which leads to contraction of their wages
  7. Pauperization of the working class (absolute pauperization)
    capitalism produces a large reserve army of labor whose conditions always worsen
  8. Industrial reserve army
    • Large supply of labor
    • This happens from technological advances, increased uses of machinery replaces workers
  9. Fetishism of commodities
    • People relate to one another by means of commodities.
    • There is no contact between the consumer and the producer.
    • What is hidden in the exchange is the suffering of the laborers, the exploitation, the homogenization and alienation of their labor
  10. Socialism as an end of exploitation
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