Sociology 101 Weber - bureaucracy

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  1. Characteristics of bureaucracy - rational-legal domination
    • Hierarchy
    • Jurisdiction (areas of control)
    • Specialization (division of functions)
    • Officials who are loyal to rules and authority
    • Objectivity (impersonal)
    • Files
    • Self-Sustaining (stability)
  2. How does the Weber's model of bureaucracy correspond to the depiction in Wannasee Conference? - hierarchy
    (hierarchy) There was a hierarchical structure with segmented groups.
  3. how does model of burearcracy correspond to movie
    (jurisdiction) Each group had their area of control and did not know the functions of other areas outside of their specialized tasks.
  4. how does the model of bureaucracy correspond to the movie (loyal to rules/authority)
    (officials loyal to rules/authority)The officials were loyal to rules and Hitler’s charismatic authority.
  5. how does the model of bureaucracy correspond to the movie (objectivity)
    (objective)They followed the rules in an impersonal manner without a care for the human beings they were talking about.
  6. how does the movie correspond to the model of bureaucracy? (files/documentation)
    (files) They had files that kept detailed records of everything they were doing, up until the planning and implementation of the final solution.
  7. how does the movie correspond to the model of burarcracy (rules/authority of people above hierarchy)
    Hitler and the SS were able to seize control of the bureaucracy and use it with great efficiency.
  8. Bureaucracy/democracy dilemma
    • Bureaucracy does not solve inequalities. The development of mass democracy led to an increase in bureaucratization. Knowledge and skill is concentrated at the top, so they run the bureaucracy. Bureaucratic power is anti-democratic (official is placed in position from above bureaucrat and based on skills, etc).
    • Power lies in tenure.
    • Competition amongst capitalists leads to innovation. Other competitors adopt innovation. Competition leads to crisis.
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