Sociology 101 SoC - Max Weber

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  1. Modern (secularized) capitalism is what is left after the spirit is gone. Metaphor the "iron cage"/"shell as hard as steel"
    • - we work out of habit and not out of a moral calling or duty
    • - we are trapped in a greedy, materialist, rationalized world without freedom and personality
    • Meaningless pursuit of material wealth and efficiency
  2. Psychological origins of Calivin's worldly asceticism
    • due to predestination and not knowing if one was part of the elect
    • Calvinist lived their lives as if "they were of the elect"
    • by acting this way, others would also perceive that they were part of the elect
  3. Social affinity - birth of capitalism
    the protestant reformation  was executed by Martin Luther, that created a social reaction toward man's relation with God that evolved into how man lived his life for God's glory in an ascetic manner
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