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  1. list the 8 classes that are protected by employment laws:
    • sex
    • race
    • color
    • national origin
    • religion
    • age
    • disability
    • military status
  2. list the 5 classes that some state/local laws also recognize the following as protected characteristics as per the employment laws:
    • parental status
    • sexual orientation
    • gender identity
    • marital status
    • arrest records
  3. the federal agency responsible for enforcing federal antidiscrimination laws in employment is called:
    the equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC)
  4. the EEOCs uniform guidelines on employee selection procedures, have content specific to which 4 topics:
    • job postings
    • questions asked within interviews
    • employee testing procedures
    • other pertinent areas
  5. employment laws that allow for specific circumstances where large portions of the population are excluded from the hiring process is called:
    bona fide occupational qualifications (BFOQ)

    example: foreign language requirement
  6. list 6 federal labor laws that affect certified AT who recruit, hire, & eval employess:
    • fair labor standards act '38
    • equal pay act '63
    • title VII of the civil rights act '64
    • discrimination in employment act '67
    • americans with disabilities act '90
    • family & medical leave act '93
  7. sexual harassement is harassemnt that includes which 4 things:
    • has sexual overtones
    • includes unwelcome sexual advances
    • requests for sexual favors
  8. a latin term for "this for that" is called:
    quid pro quo

    • employer/manager toward employee
    • employment/pay/benefits are dependent on sexual favors
    • employer follows through on threat
  9. employee is regularly exposed to offensive sexual environment, making work duties difficult is called:
    a hostile work environment
  10. a hostile environment can be created through any offensive materials, not only sexually oriented materials, conduct must be: (3)
    • repeated sexual (racial, religious) behavior that pervades the workplace
    • offensive to a reasonable person
    • offensive to the recipient
  11. a planned process that follows labor laws is called:
  12. to ensure that everyone who has a say in the hiring decision is on the same page with respect to what the job entails is called:
    position description

    • the basis for key hiring criteria
    • provides candidate a clear idea of what to expect if, indeed, you hire him/her
    • reference tool during the evaluation process
    • a benchmark for performance after you hire the candidate
  13. list 7 ways in which a "position description" improves position retention:
    • position title
    • department
    • who this person reports to
    • job responsibilities
    • qualification required
    • preferred professional attributes
    • experience required

    *provides a means to evaluate candidate based on position requirements
  14. list 2 things that can dictate what employment laws and regulatory issues need to follow:
    • size of an institution
    • demographics of employment
  15. employee classifications affect which 3 things:
    • salary
    • payroll tax
    • benefits
  16. list 5 things that employment classifications include:
    • full time
    • regular part time
    • per diem
    • temporary
    • contingent
  17. working a full week, eligible for full benefits, in which the company must withhold taxes is called:
    full time
  18. working sub-40 hour week with regular schedule is called:
    regular part time

    • has set tasks
    • set location for work
    • benefits often the same as full time
  19. working when the company needs them to work is called:
    per diem

    • irregular work schedules
    • typically no benefits
  20. working as contracted to orginization by outside party or are independent contractor is called:
  21. working for multiple agencies in a given year is called:
  22. list 6 sources you would look if on a job search:
    • NATA career center
    • list-serves
    • school district Web pages/state athletic associations
    • NCAA publications
    • NATA district and state publications
    • american college of sports medicine publications
  23. why is interviewing important:
    employing the wrong person is far costlier than extensive & effective interviewing

    • expensive & time consuming
    • extremely important
  24. list messmers 4 tasks of the interview process:
    • obtain 1st hand info about candidates background, work experience, skill level & confirm that information with candidates resume and or previous interviews
    • get a general sense of the candidates overall intelligence, aptitude, enthusiam, & atttidues & how these qualitites
    • better sense of the candidates basic personality traits & motivation for the job
    • estimate candidates ability to assimmilate to the organizations enviroment
  25. the document in which provides information that will help decide b.w several candidates
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