Exam 3 Nuggets

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  1. Hyperpituirarism=
    too much GH
  2. Hypopituitarism=
    • Low GH
    • and ATCH, TSH, FSH, LH
  3. Problem with Diabetes Insipidus?
    Key things to watch....
    • Low ADH
    • post hypophysectomy or brain trauma

    hypotension, F&E Imbalance with high Na
  4. Problem with SIADH?
    Key things to watch for?
    • Too much ADH
    • Dilutional hyponatremia

    Seizure precautions
  5. Graves disease is a result of?

    2 Main concerns when a person has this?
    Hyperthyroidism, which is too much TH

    • Extreme stress can cause a thyroid storm
    • Heart is a concern....so give BB, Inderal
  6. If a thyroidectomy is performed watch for....
    hypercalcemia.  Thyrocalcitonin will not be available to decrease calcium levels
  7. What is the problem with hypothyroidism?

    What are my main concerns about this patient?
    too little TH

    heart issues-brady, hypotension

    Hemodynamic issues

    Hypothermia, hypoglycemia, hyponatremia, respiratory failure
  8. Whos at risk for a mixedema coma?
    person with hypothyroidism that under goes surgery or gets sick
  9. Main problems with hyperparathyroidism

    Watch for:

    • osteoporosis
    • nephrolithiasis
  10. Post op care for a person after their parathyroid has been removed?
    • respiratory distress
    • bleeding
    • tetany
  11. Main problems with Hypoparathyroidism?
    Watch for?

    • Tetany
    • Dysrhythmias
    • decreased CO
  12. Cushings Syndrome is a problem from...

    What will be done?
    What do I watch for?
    too much cortisol and aldosterone

    • surgery
    • pre op correct all F&E imbalances
    • make sure WBC is WNL
    • give IV glucocorticoids

    post op watch for cardiovascular collapse...hypotension, rapid, weak pulse and decreased UO
  13. Addisons Disease is a problem with...

    Watch for:
    insufficient adrenal hormones

    Adrenal crisis from a stressful event, will have extreme hypotension
  14. Conn's syndrome is caused by?

    Showing as.....

    adrenal tumor

    • hypertension, hypokalemia
    • hold on to Na and water, but lose K

    surgery and carefully monitor BP and K
  15. Medication to give to a person with Conn's syndrome
    Potassium sparing diuretic....gets rid of all of the fluid, but keeps the K
  16. Pheocromocytoma is caused by?

    How will they present?
    tumor of the adrenal medulla producing excess epi and norepi

    episodic htn, tachy and profuse sweating
  17. How do you positively dx Pheocromocytoma?

    24 hour urine will have vanillamandelic and metanephrines

    surgery...but give BB or CCB for heart issues
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