D Law Vocab

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  1. damnum
  2. debauch
    to make corrupt, to defile
  3. de bene esse
    • of temporary validity, good for the time being
    • "just good for now"
  4. de minimis non curat lex
    the law does not care about trifling matters unimportant usually just said as de minimis
  5. de son tort
    of his own wrong/ doing/ negligence
  6. defunct
    • deceased, said of business
    • dead but not related to people
  7. demeanor
    appearance, manner
  8. demurrage
    money paid to a ship owner for delaying a ship's departure. penalty
  9. denize
    dweller, inhabitant, or who frequent a place a lot
  10. derelict
    abandoned, forsaken
  11. determinate sentence
    a sentence for fixed period of time
  12. devolve
    to pass from one person to another
  13. desuetude
    disuse, obsolescence, not used anymore "thing have fallen into desuetude"
  14. dilatory
    causing delay. taking longer than necessary = being obstructive
  15. disability
    lacking legal capacity to do something
  16. disclaimer
  17. disfranchisement
    act of depriving someone of the right to vote
  18. dispensation
    an exemption from certain duties or requirements/ permission
  19. dissent
    a judge's formal disagreement with the majority of judges
  20. docket
    a brief record, an abstract of court proceedings; a calendar or cases which have been set for trial
  21. dunnage
    pieces of wood
  22. duplicity
    • 1. double dealing, treachery
    • 2. incorrectly combining two or more counts or causes of action
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