Ch.11 Biotic Factors

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  1. Different major types of species interactions:
    • Competition -/-
    • Mutualism +/+
    • Commensalism +/0
    • Ammensalism 0/+Parasitism +/-
    • Predation +/-
  2. Define: interference
    The modification of the environment by an organism that affects another organism.
  3. Define: removal interference
    One organism removes something from the environment reducing resource availability for other organisms
  4. Define: addition interference
    An organism adds something to the environment that can have a +, -, or neutral effect on other organisms
  5. Types of removal interference (3)
    Competition, Parasitism, Herbivory
  6. Types of addition interference (4)
    Epiphytism, Proto-cooperation, Mutualism, Allelopathy
  7. Define: Competition
  8. Define: Parasitism
  9. Define: Herbivory
  10. Define: Epiphytism
  11. Define: Proto-cooperation
  12. Define: Mutualism
  13. Define: Allelopathy
  14. Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Interference
    • Interference created by 1 or 2 organisms
    • Symmetrical: Proto-cooperation, Mutualism
    • Asymmetrical: Herbivory, Parasitism, Epiphytism
  15. Direct vs. Indirect Interference
    • Occurs within the body of organisms or in the shared habitat
    • Direct: Proto-cooperation, Mutualism, Herbivory, Parasitism, Epiphytism
    • Indirect: Competition, Proto-cooperation, Mutualism, Allelopathy
  16. Allelopathic effects of crops
    Cover crops, organic mulches derived from crops, crop inhibition of weeds
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