Spanish: llegar a hacer

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  1. Her greatest ambition is to become an actress.
    Llegar a ser actriz es su más grande aspiración.
  2. The meeting with her never took place.
    La reunión con ella nunca llegó a concretarse.
  3. We worked together for two years but I never really got to know him.
    Trabajamos juntos dos años pero nunca llegué a conocerlo.
  4. He did not manage to solve it but he was on the right track.
    No lo llegó a resolver pero iba bien encaminado.
  5. I got to know him better over the years.
    Con los años llegué a conocerlo mejor.
  6. Did you manage to see it? o Did you get to see it?
    ¿Llegaste a verlo?
  7. Did she ever find out who her father was?
    ¿Llegó a saber quién era su padre?
  8. I grew tired of his constant complaining
    Llegó a aburrirme con sus constantes quejas.
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