Oral Anatomy 3 - The Molars

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  1. Generally, what are the molars like?
    • The molars present the largest occlusal surfaces of all teeth.
    • They have three to five major cups.
    • Molars are the only teeth that have more than one buccal cusp.
    • Generally the lower molar have two roots while the upper have three.
    • The permanent molars do not have deciduous predecessors.
  2. Generally, what shape are the molars?
    • Like the premolars, the maxillary molars are roughly trapezoidal when viewed mesially and distally, while the mandibular molars are rhomboidal.
    • Viewed buccally or lingually, the molars are trapezoidal.
  3. What are the differences between the maxillary and mandibular molars?
    • 1. The mandibular molars have two roots, one mesial and one distal.
    • 2. They are considered to be derived from a five-cusped form.
    • 3. The crowns of the lower molars are oblong, being broader mesiodistally than buccolingually.
    • 4. The fissure pattern is cross-shaped
    • 5. The lingual cusps are of more equal size.
    • 6. The tips of the buccal cusps are shifted lingually so that, from the occlusal view, the whole of the buccal surface is visible.
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Oral Anatomy 3 - The Molars
Oral Anatomy 3 - The Molars
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