Soc: Culture

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  1. Sociobiology is a mix of...
    Hard and soft sciences
  2. Criticisms of Sociobiology
    • Genetics
    • Too much variation
  3. Sociobiology
    joins together the ideas if modern genetics with Darwin's theory of natural selection
  4. Cultural Universal
    A cultural trait that is present in all cultures such as rules for etiquette
  5. Subculture
    A segment of a culture that differs from that culture in some distinct recognizable ways
  6. More
    A norm that has moral component and which members of a society are expected to follow.
  7. Taboo
    Strictly enforced rule of behavior that when violated calls for strong punishment
  8. Ethnocentrism
    Refers to judging other people and groups according to the standards and values of ones own culture.
  9. Symbol
    A thing that stands for something else.
  10. Value
    Idea about what kind of behavior is desirable and good that is shared by the people in a society.
  11. Sanction
    Method of rewarding or punishing individuals in order to encourage them to obey norms.
  12. Society
    Territory that is lived in by a group of people who share the same culture.
  13. Law
    When a norm is formally defined and enforced by officials such as a police officers
  14. Reflex
    Automatic response to a stimulus such as blinking when a ball comes at you
  15. Belief
    Idea about the nature of reality
  16. Drive
    Inherited impulse such as drinking when thirsty.
  17. Culture
    Customs, knowledge, values,and physical objects that are shared by those who are members of particular society.
  18. Instincts
    Innate (unlearned) patterns of behavior
  19. Hypothesis of Linguistic Relativity
    • Theory stating that our idea of reality depends largely upon language.
    • (Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis)
  20. Norms
    Rules of defining appropriate and inappropriate behavior
  21. Folkways
    Norms that lack moral significance
  22. Formal Sanctions
    Sanctions imposed by persons given special authority.
  23. Informal Sanctions
    Rewards or punishments that can be applied by most members of a group.
  24. Nonmaterial Culture
    Ideas, Knowledge and beliefs that influence peoples behavior
  25. Material Culture
    Concrete, tangible objects of a culture.
  26. Ideal Culture
    Culture guidelines that group members claim to accept
  27. Real Culture
    Actual behavior patterns of members of a group.
  28. Social Categories
    Groupings of persons who share a social characteristics.
  29. Subculture
    Group that is part of the dominant culture but that differs from it in some important respects.
  30. Counterculture
    Subculture deliberately and consciously opposed to certain central beliefs or attitudes of the dominant culture
  31. Cultural Particulars
    Ways in which a culture expresses universal traits
  32. Linguistic Relativity
    Africans and Polynesians have no words for a singular all powerful God"Es tut mir leid" - "It pains me" Sorry in GermanChristian missionaries find no word for sin in China
  33. Exposure to other languages
    What can increase our understanding of the world?
  34. Folkway
    Failure to give up your seat to a woman on a crowded train may not draw any reaction today
  35. Folkway
    Obnoxious behavior in a movie theater during the course of the film may draw quite a reaction
  36. Taboo
    Incest is an example of...
  37. The 3 Main types of norms:
    • Folkway
    • Mores
    • Law
  38. Both positive and negative
    Both formal and informal sanctions can be...
  39. Formal Sanction
    Diploma vs. Getting detention
  40. Informal Sanction
  41. Achievement and Success
    Activity and work
    Efficiency and Practicality
    Group Supremacy
    • Basic American Values
    • (5)
  42. Nettling
    Process used in the Mid-West by midwives substituting for rural doctors involving pepper into a mother's nose to help deliver their child quicker
  43. Ideal vs. Real Culture
    Saying you're going to do homework once you get home, but then you do your homework at like 1:30 in the morning
  44. Subculture (They're accepted in society)
    Amish and Chinese people
  45. Cultural Particular
    Women being responsible for child care in the U.S.
  46. Cultural change by discovery
    Finding something that already exists
  47. Cultural change by discovery
    • Value of female athletes in 20th century
    • Men watching football with the girls
  48. Invention
    Creation of something new
  49. Diffusion
    Borrowing aspects of culture from other cultures
  50. Diffusion
    Tacos, pizza, hamburgers...
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