AP Euro Chapter 16 - Absolutism

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  1. What is tonnage?
    The custom duties on wine
  2. What is poundage?
    The custom duties on wool
  3. Who said "L'etat est moi"
    Louis XIV - it means "I am the state"
  4. Why did Louis XIV build Versailles?
    To send the nobles to do silly jobs and keep them out of paris
  5. What was Louis XIV's method of administration?
    He set up Intendants to supervise regions they didn't belong to, enforce taxes, and carry out official policy
  6. What was the petition of right? Who signed it?
    • Charles I signed the Petition of Right because he needed Paliament's money
    • the king was subject to law
    • the king couldn't levy taxes w/o parliament
    • couldn't imprison citizens without trial
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AP Euro Chapter 16 - Absolutism
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AP Euro Chapter 16 Absolutism

AP Euro Chapter 16 - Absolutism
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