Anatomy Exam 2 Bold Words

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  1. Second cervical spinal nerve
    Splits into great auricular & transverse cervical nerve
  2. Great auricular nerve
    Supplies skin of the neck, the ear, & back of the head with sensory branches
  3. Transverse cervical nerve
    Branches to skin of the cranioventral part of the neck
  4. External jugular vein
    Formed by linguofacial & maxillary veins
  5. Mandibular salivary gland
  6. Mandibular lymph nodes
  7. Superficial cervical lymph nodes
    Receive drainage from the cutaneous area of the head, neck, & thoracic limb
  8. Accessory (11th) cranial nerve
    • Terminates in thoracic part of trapezius - only motor neuron to the trapezius
    • Supplies, in part, the omotransversarius, the mastoid & cervical portions of the cleidocephalicus, & the sternocephalicus
  9. Ventral branches of the third, fourth, & fifth cervical spinal nerves
    Distributed to muscles & skin on the neck
  10. Trachea
  11. Larynx
  12. Thyroid gland
  13. Esophagus
  14. Carotid sheath
  15. Vagosympathetic nerve trunk
  16. Medial retropharyngeal lymph node
  17. Dorsal intercostal arteries
    Have lateral cutaneous branches that perforate the intercostal & adjacent muscles to supply cutaneous structures, including thoracic mammary glands
  18. Ventral intercostal branches from the internal thoracic artery & vein
    Perforating branches of the internal thoracic vessels emerge & supply cutaneous structures & thoracic mammary glands
  19. Intercostal nerves
    Have lateral & ventral cutaneous branches & branches medial to these that go largely to muscles
  20. Cranial thoracic mamma
    Supplied by fourth, fifth, & sixth ventral & lateral cutaneous vessels & nerves & by branches of the lateral thoracic vessels (axillary vessels)
  21. Caudal thoracic mamma
    Supplied from sixth & seventh cutaneous nerves & vessels; mammary branches of cranial superficial epigastric vessels supply this mamma
  22. Axilla
    • Bounded ventrally by pectoral muscles
    • Dorsally by attachment of the serratus ventral is to the scapula
    • Cranially extends under the muscles that extend from the arm to the neck
    • Caudally extends under the latissimus dorsi & cutaneous trunci
  23. Lateral thoracic artery
    Branches supply muscle, skin, & subcutaneous tissues, including cranial thoracic mamma
  24. Lateral thoracic vein
    Branches supply muscle, skin, & subcutaneous tissues, including cranial thoracic mamma
  25. Lateral thoracic vein
    • Nerve is motor to the cutaneous trunci
    • Consists of branches from eight cervical & first thoracic spinal nerves
  26. Axillary lymph node
    Most of the afferent lymph vessels of the thoracic wall & deep structures of the limb drain into this node
  27. Cranial epigastric artery
    • Terminal branch of internal thoracic artery
    • Gives rise to cranial superficial epigastric artery
    • Supplies skin over rectus abdominis & caudal thoracic & cranial abdominal mammae
    • Most branches terminate in rectus abdominis
  28. Cranial superficial epigastric artery
  29. Transversus thoracis muscle
  30. Pleurae
  31. Pulmonary or visceral pleura
  32. Parietal pleura
    May be divided into costal, diaphragmatic, & mediastinal parts
  33. Costal pleura
  34. Diaphragmatic pleura
  35. Mediastinal pleurae
  36. Mediastinum
    • Includes two mediastinal pleurae & space between them
    • Enclosed is the thymus, lymph nodes, heart, aorta, trachea, esophagus, vagus nerves, & other nerves & vessels
    • Divided into cranial (lying cranial to heart), middle (containing the heart), dorsal (dorsal to heart), ventral (ventral to heart) & caudal (lying caudal to heart) parts
  37. Pericardial mediastinal pleura
    Portion covering the heart
  38. Plica venae cavae
  39. Root of the lung
  40. Pulmonary ligament
    In thoracic surgery - this must be cut to reflect the caudal lung lobe cranially
  41. Thymus
    Largest in young dog
  42. Internal thoracic artery
    • Leaves subclavian artery
    • Supplies many branches to surrounding structures - phrenic nerve, thymus, mediastinal pleurae, & dorsal intercostal spaces
    • Perforating branches to superficial structures of ventral third of the thorax
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