Chapter 11 Electricity Glossary Terms

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  1. Direct Current (DC)
    • A type of electrical current that only flows in one direction. 
    • ex. Batteries and solar panels (solar cells) use direct current
    • Related terms- alternate current (AC)
  2. Alternate Current (AC)
    • A type of electrical current in which the direction of the flow of electrons switches back and forth.
    • ex. power lines and normal electricity at home are examples of alternate current
    • Related terms-direct current (DC)
  3. Transformer
    • A device that is used to reduce or or increase the voltage of an alternate current.
    • ex. A phone charger is a type of transformer
  4. Circuit Breaker
    • A device that is used to stop the flow of current in an electric circuit for safety precautions.
    • ex. The thing in my house that you turn back on when a fuse breaks. 
    • Related terms- fuse
  5. Fuse
    • A safety device that consists of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit when that current goes over and exceeds that the safety level.
    • Related terms-circuit breaker
  6. Electrical Power
    • The rate that an appliance uses electrical energy.
    • ex. The fridge uses 350 kWh
  7. Watt (W)
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