Chapter 16 Documents

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  1. Petition of Right
    No taxes could be imposed without the consent of Parliament. Free people could not be imprisoned without a proper trial. Civilians could not be tried in military courts during peacetime. Signed by Charles I. Increased authority of Parliament over king.
  2. Habeas Corpus
    A judge had to inform a person why they were arrested. There had to be a trial within a reasonable period of time. If the arrest was illegal, then the person had to be released.
  3. The English Bill of Rights
    A ruler could not suspend or carry out a law without the consent of Parliament. The ruler could not levy taxes or keep an army without the consent of Parliament. Freedom of speech and debate were guaranteed in Parliament. Parliament has the right to petition the king. Protestants can bear arms. Prohibited excessive bail. Signed by William and Mary
  4. English Common Law
    English judges had established the practice of basing their decisions on similar cases decided previously
  5. The Toleration Act
    granted freedom of worship to non-Anglican Protestant sects, signed by will and mary
  6. Act of settlement
    only a protestant can be king, signed by Will and Mary
  7. Act of Union
    Eng, Scot, Wales become UK, signed by Anne
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Chapter 16 Documents
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