Syringes and needles injection

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  1. Route: ID (intradermal)
    Volume: <0.5 ml

    Gauge: 26-27 (small)

    Length: 1/4-1/2 inch

    Angle: 5-15 angle
  2. Route: SC (subcuntaneously)
    Volume: 1 ml max

    Gauge: 25 to 30

    Length 3/16 to inch 1/2 to 58 most common

    angle 45 to 90
  3. Route IM (intramuscular)
    • Volume: 4ml (red flag if more than 3ml)
    •              - Deltoid 1ml

    Gauge: 25 to 30

    length: 1 to 1.5 inch

    Angle: 90
  4. General Guidelines
    Route and body size determines needle length

    The greater the viscosity (thickness) of the medication (18g)

    some meds require a specific syringe/needle type (ie insulin, (TB test)

    The needle and plunger must remain sterile

    Flitered needled is used o draw of med from an ampule

    To withdraw med from a vial, first inject an equal amount of air into vial

    Accurate assessment and proper location of landmarks is essential

    Always avoid scar tissue, sites with sites with edema, areas with decreased circulation
  5. Intradermal Injections
    • A wheal should appear after the medication is injected
    • Do not rub or massage site
    • Check for reaction 24 to 72 hours after injection
  6. Subcutaneous Injection
    For heparin/lovenox, do not aspirate, rub or massage, route sites, inject @ 90

    Insulin injections, use ONLY insulin syringes, do rub or mssage, rotate sites

    Pt's size and amount of sc tissue will determine needle size
  7. Deltoid
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