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  1. CG four categories of leadership.
    Leading self, Leading others, Leading performance and change, Leading the coast guard
  2. How many leadership compentencies are there in the CG?
  3. EMI is not to be used as a substitute for _________ punishment or ______punishment
    judicial (court-martial, NJP
  4. EMI lasts only ____hours or less per day.
  5. ________ is only for the period of time it takes to correct the performance deficiency for which it was assigned...no longer
  6. EMI is assigned on a day that is not the enlisted member's _________.
  7. You have to have the commanding officer's permission if you assign EMI for completion __________
    after the normal working hours
  8. EMI does not deprive the enlisted person of _________ liberty to which he or she is entitled.
  9. Examples of privileges that can be withheld during EMI.
  10. Special liberty
  11. Scheduling of leave during a particular period...however, reasonable opportunity to take annual leave may not be denied
  12. Exchange of duty
  13. Participation in special command programs
  14. Access to base or ship libraries, base or ship movies, or enlisted or officers' clubs
  15. Base parking
  16. Base or ship special services events
  17. Commissary and exchange privileges...provided such withholding complies with applicable rules and regulations, and is otherwise in accordance with the law.
  18. Under rules for court-martial ______, enlisted personnel must be in the performance of military law enforcement duties in order to conduct searches and seize property or evidence
  19. Probable cause search and seizure : Under court martial ______, a search authorization by a commanding officer or judge must have been granted.
  20. Under rules for court-martial ______any evidence obtained as a result of these searches is admissible.
  21. __________ serve as fulltime addiction prevention facilitators.
    Addiction Prevention Specialists
  22. ________ conduct and assist other command CDARs in awareness training.
    Addiction Prevention Specialists
  23. CDAR responsibilities
    Provide assistance to command regarding drug or alcohol abuse
  24. prevention information
  25. • Establish unit prevention plans
  26. • Hold scheduled annual awareness training for supervisors and all
  27. hands
  28. • Prepare local instructions
  29. • Provide initial meeting with members identified as having possible
  30. alcohol abuse problems or receive an alcohol/drug incident; arrange
  31. necessary referrals, including diagnostic screening
  32. • Coordinate implementation of the mandatory precare/aftercare
  33. program with the commanding officer and ensure submission of the
  34. follow-up documentation.
  35. • Obtain treatment and education for personnel as appropriate (ensure
  36. listed on unit check-in/out sheet)
  37. • Keep commanding officers or officer in charge informed of the
  38. expected date of return, prognosis, and personal needs (pay, orders,
  39. etc.) of members undergoing treatment
  40. • Assist and provide support for personnel returning to duty from
  41. treatment
  42. • Advise the MLC Substance Abuse Program Representative (SAPR) of
  43. all members in this program being transferred to another unit
  44. • Coordinate the transfer of case files with the SAPR.
  45. An ______________ is an occurrence where alcohol is involved or present but is not the causative factor for a member's undesirable behavior or performance.
    alcohol situation
  46. An __________ involves any behavior that:
  47. Results in the member's loss of ability to perform assigned duties
  48. Brings discredit upon the Uniformed Services
  49. Is a violation of the UCMJ, Federal, state, or local laws where alcohol is determined to be a significant or causative factor.
    alcohol incident
  50. Romantic Relationships between members are unacceptable when:
  51. • Members have a supervisor and subordinate relationship (including
  52. periodic supervision of duty section or watchstanding personnel)
  53. • Members are assigned to the same small shore unit (less than 60
  54. members)
  55. • Members are assigned to the same cutter
  56. • The relationship is between chief petty officers (E-7/8/9) and junior
  57. enlisted personnel (E-4 and below)
  58. • The relationship is manifested in the work environment in a way that
  59. disrupts the effective conduct of daily business.
  60. A Human Relations Council will be established in commands of ____ or more full-time personnel
  61. ll units or commands with ____ or more full-time billets (active duty,
  62. civilian, reserve on extended active duty) are required to have a HRC.
  63. Individuals within the Ready
  64. Reserve designated as essential to initial contingency requirements
  65. have priority over all other Reserve elements. They are assigned to
  66. Coast Guard or selected Joint Service units, and are required to train
  67. for mobilization as prescribed in 10 U.S.C. 10147. They participate in
  68. both inactive duty training periods and in active duty for the purpose
  69. of annual training.
    Selected Reserve
  70. Coast Guard ________ members are generally authorized 48 paid
  71. Inactive Duty Training (IDT) drills and at least 12 paid Active Duty
  72. for Training (ADT) days per fiscal year.
  73. This pool of personnel principally consists of individuals who have had training and have
  74. previously served in the Active forces or in the Selected Reserve
    Individual Ready Reserve
  75. _________ members are not required to meet the same IDT and ADT training
  76. requirements as Selected reservists.
    Individual Ready Reserve
  77. The __________ consists of reservists who are not in the Ready Reserve or the Retired Reserve, but who are liable for involuntary recall to active duty as provided in 10 U.S.C. 12301 and 12306.
  78. Standby Reserve
  79. Reserve members who have completed the requisite qualifying years creditable for non-regular retired pay and are receiving retired pay (at, or after, age 60) under Chapter 1223 of 10 U.S.C.
  80. Reserve members who have completed the requisite qualifying years creditable for non-regular retired pay and are not yet 60 years of age, or are age 60 and have not applied for non-regular retirement pay.
  81. Reserve members retired for physical disability under 10 U.S.C. 1201, 1202, 1204, or 1205. Members have completed 20 years of service creditable for regular retired pay, or are 30-percent or more disabled and otherwise qualified.
    Disability Retiree.
  82. If your SDL symbol is not authorized for distribution, prepare a _______, Request for Allowance Change
    CG Form 5323
  83. Usually, ______, Request for Directives, is used to order material.
    CG Form 4428
  84. Publications are listed in the DPRI _______.
    Numerically and alphabetically
  85. The DPRI consists of ____ chapters
  86. IF your SDL symbol is not authorized for distribution, prepare a ______
    CG Form 5323
  87. To ensure effective hazard idnetification, you need to consider these basic categories:
    Equipment, Environment, Personnel
  88. What is the equation for the SPE model?
    Risk = Severity x Probablility x Exposure
  89. The _____ Model addresses more general risk concerns that involve operations planning or reassessing risks as milestones.
  90. Six elements of the GAR model
    Supervision, Planning, Team selection, Team fitness, Environment, Task complexity
  91. Class __ and __ Mishaps warrant a formal Mishap Analysis Board.
    A, B
  92. Class __ and __ Mishaps do not warrant formal Mishap Analysis Boards.
    C, D
  93. Which Mishaps Class
  94. The following are reportable mishaps:
  95. • Coast Guard military members injured or killed, either on or off duty.
  96. • Coast Guard Reserve military members injured or killed when on
  97. active duty status either on or off duty.
  98. • Coast Guard civilian employees injured or killed while performing
  99. Coast Guard-related work.
  100. • Coast Guard Auxiliarists injured or killed while under orders.
  101. • Visitors at Coast Guard facilities or other civilian personnel harmed as
  102. a result of official Coast Guard operations.
  103. • Civilian contractors working on Coast Guard property.
  104. • A Coast Guard member who develops an illness that can be ascribed
  105. to an immediate (acute) or long-term (chronic) occupational exposure.
    Class A
  106. What Mishaps Class:
  107. The resulting cost of reportable property damage is $200,000 or more,
  108. but less than $1,000,000.
  109. • Any injury or occupational illness results in permanent partial
  110. disability.
  111. • Five or more personnel are "in-patient" hospitalized.
    Class B
  112. What Mishaps Class:
  113. The cost of property damage is $20,000 or more, but less than
  114. $200,000.
  115. • A nonfatal injury or occupational illness results in any loss of time
  116. from work beyond the day or shift on which it occurred (lost-time
  117. case).
    Class C
  118. What Mishaps Class:
  119. The cost of property damage is $20,000 or more, but less than
  120. $200,000.
  121. • A nonfatal injury or occupational illness results in any loss of time
  122. from work beyond the day or shift on which it occurred (lost-time
  123. case).
    Class D
  124. Class A and B mishap analysis boards are normally appointed by_________.
    Commandant (CG-113).
  125. Class C and D mishap analysis boards are normally conducted at the unit level with the _________.
    Unit Safety Board.
  126. The material gathered for the mishap falls into two classifications:
    Category I: Privileged Material
  127. • Category II: Nonprivileged Material.
  128. Regarding legal investigations category ___ material is privileged and shall be given
  129. required special handling
  130. Regarding legal investigations category ___ material may be shared by the mishap board and factfinding body.
  131. The two main reasons for writing a business letter in the Coast Guard.
  132. 1. Correspond with a non-federal agency or individual.
  133. 2. Offer a more personal approach to someone in the Coast Guard,
  134. Department of Homeland Security, or Department of Defense.
  135. Three roles of the CG
    Maritime Safety
  136. Maritime Security
  137. Maritime Stewardship
  138. Seven major divisions of DHS
    TSA, CBP, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, US Immigration enforcement, US Secret Service, FEMA, USCG
  139. The petty officer rate became official in _____.
  140. Petty officers in the Navy acquired their first rate insignia in _____.
  141. In ___ the specialty or rating marks became official
  142. In _____ the Nvy recognies its three classes of petty officers
  143. In ____ Petty officers began to wear rate insignia of chevrons with the points down under a spread eagle and rating mark.
  144. In ____ the Navy establishes the Chief Pety Oficer rate andissued the insignia of three chevrons with an arc and eagle
  145. Deliberate failure to obey a lawful order violates Article ___ of the UMJ.
  146. Five Coast Guard Roles
    Maritime Safety
  147. Maritime Mobility
  148. Protection of Natural Resources
  149. Maritime Security
  150. National Defense
  151. Two enlisted ratings only open to members of the Reserve:
    Port Security Specialist
  152. Investigator
  153. The current design of the Coast Guard Flag was approved on _________
  154. January 28, 1964
  155. The Coast Guard seal and emblem were confirmed in _____
  156. By regulation ________,the Coast Guard ensign must be
  157. displayed whenever a Coast Guard vessel is engaged in law enforcement
  158. actions.
    (33 CFR 23.05),
  159. The CG racing stripe is a wide ____ bar to the right of a narrow __ bar, both canted at ___ degrees.
    red, blue, 64
  160. The CG racing stripe appeared throughout the CG by ______
  161. _______________ wrote Semper Paratus in ____________.
    Captain Francis Saltus Van Boskerck, 1922
  162. ___________ serve as unit consultants and advisors in the administration of the unit Addictions Program.
    Collateral Duty Addictions Representatives (CDARs)
  163. __________________ program assists Coast Guard
  164. military personnel in pursuing their professional development.
    The Career Development Advisor (CDA)
  165. The ____ assists the training officer in coordinating and evaluating training for personal and professional development and advancement of all personnel.
  166. _____________ is the person who most often represents the unit, the commanding officer, and the Coast Guard to the media and public.
    The Public Affairs Officer (PAO)
  167. The EEO Counselor must be knowledgeable of the contents of ___________
    29 CFR 1614.
  168. As a member of the Coast Guard, you are prohibited from participating
  169. in demonstrations when:
    On duty
  170. • In a foreign country
  171. • The demonstrators are in uniform
  172. • The activities constitute a breach of law and order
  173. • Violence is likely to result.
  174. Status of Forces Agreement
    is an international agreement providing approval of certain foreign governments for U.S. personnel to enter their territory for defense purposes.
  175. Excessive Tattooing or branding is defined as that which results in more than ____ of an expose limb (arm/leg) being adorned, and is not authorized.
  176. SEASII
    S earch the vessel and question personnel on board.
  177. E xamine the ship’s documents and papers.
  178. A rrest persons violating the law, when warranted.
  179. S eize contraband if necessary.
  180. I nspect to insure RBS Carriage Requirements are met.
  181. I nquire about compliance prior to boarding.
  182. Title 14 USC, Section 89
    The Coast Guard may make inquiries, examinations, inspections, searches, seizures, and arrests upon the high seas and waters over which the United States has jurisdiction, for the prevention, detection, and suppression of violations of laws of the United States.
  183. Commanding officers have the authority, under Aritcle ___ -UCMJ to impose punishment without having to conducct a
  184. A ______ consists of a military judge and at least five members
    General Court Martial
  185. A _________ consists of a military judge and at least three members.
    Special Court-martial
  186. A _____________ consists of one member, rank 0-4 or above. The member does not need to be a judge.
    summary court-martial
  187. Searches and the subsequent seizure of items can be conducted under two different circumstances:
  188. • When probable cause exists
  189. • When probable cause is not required.
  190. UCMJ offenses are documented on a ________.
    Report of Offense and Disposition (CG-4910)
  191. The Appeal Authority is responsible for reviewing and act on the appeal within ___ calendar days after receiving it.
  192. One travel day is authorized for each ____ miles of distance
  193. For the total distance of ___ miles or less, only one travel day is authorized
  194. UCMJ Article?
  195. Failure to obey order or regulation
    Article 92
  196. SMART
  197. Measurable
  198. Attainable
  199. Realistic
  200. Timely
  201. Communication is generally classified into three types
    Verbal, Vocal, visual
  202. Barriers to communication
  203. Psychological
  204. Space
  205. Physical barriers to effective communication include factors such as:
    distance, noise and distractions
  206. The three space barriers are recognized as:
    intimate, personal and social
  207. _________ star Admirals lead the Atlantic Area and Pacific Area.
  208. ____ or _____ star Admirals lead MLCs.
    one or two
  209. Districts are commanded by ________ who report directly to their Area commanders
    Rear admirals
  210. There are ___ CG units in the field that report directly to headquarters
  211. On _________ congress authorized the capture of armed French vessels hovering off the US coast initiating an undeclared quasi-war with France.
    May 28, 1798
  212. In the ____ war cutters captured 18 prizes unaided and assisted in the capture of two others
  213. The cutter ______ captured 10 prizes, one of which carried 44 guns and 200 men, three times her own force
  214. The ____ recaptured the American vessels Nancy and Mehitable in a memorable fight in1799 with the French privateer Revenge.
  215. The Coast Guards role of augmenting the Navy with shallow-draft craft evolved out of the _______.
    War of 1812
  216. The cutter _____ captured the first prize of the War of 1812.
  217. The ______ was the first time that steamboats were used in a war
  218. The ____ is credited with firing the first naval shots of the Civil war
    Harriet Lane
  219. ______ declared war on the US on April 24, 1898
  220. The _______ was torpedoed by a German submarine and all of the crew killed
  221. Port security began on _______
    June 22, 1940
  222. The CG was given responsibility for cold weather operations in Greenland on _______
    April 9 1941
  223. On ________, select reserve members were called to active duty in support of Operation Desert Shield
    August 22
  224. CGC Dauntless rescued ____ migrants from a grossly overloaded 75-foot coastal freighter
  225. The coast guard msission to protect the ennvironment had its beginnings in _____ when congress created a timber reserve for the navy
  226. The _______________ Act of 1976 created a 200-mile offshore fishing zone to be controlled by the us.
    Fishery Conservation and Management Act
  227. The first attempt to addres the growing waterway pollution problem was the passage of the _______ Act of ______.
    Refuse Act of 1899
  228. The current framework for the CG Marine Environmental Protection program is the _________________
    Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972
  229. On ________ the RCS was tasked with maintaining the International Ice Patrol
    February 7,1914
  230. Who served 38 years at the Matinicus Rock and White head Light Stations Maine?
    Abbie Burgess
  231. Who served 39 years at the Lime Rock Lighthouse saving 18 lives
    Ida Lewis
  232. Who served at the Cape Elizabeth Light?
    Marcus Hanna
  233. Who is probably the only man in history to have been awarded both the Medal of Honor and the Gold Lifesaving Medal?
    Marcus Hanna
  234. The CG auxiliary was created in_______
  235. Which title of the US code cites that the CG is a military service?
    Title 14
  236. The Women's Reserve was established as a branch of the CG on November 23, 1942 by_______.
    Public Law 773
  237. The four units of the Auxiliary:
  238. Division
  239. District Regions
  240. National
  241. Twin sisters _______________ became the first uniformed women to serve in the CG
    Genevieve and Lucille Baker
  242. Genevieve and Lucille Baker became the first uniformed women to serve in the CG in _______
  243. In ______ the first five African American females enter SPARs
  244. 1945
  245. In _______ master chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin becomes the first CG E-9
  246. IN ____ Master Chief Yeoman Pearl Faurie becomes the first SPAR E-9.
  247. _____ was the first SPAR E-9
    YNCM Pearl Faurie
  248. BMCM Calhoun became the first MCPOCG on _______
    August 1, 1969
  249. In ______ all officer career fields and enlisted rating are open to women.
  250. In ______ enlisted women are assigned to isolated units
  251. _______ was a two-time winner of the Gold Lifesaving Medal
    Surfman Frederick Hatch
  252. _________ was head keeper at the Port Pontchartrain Light
    Margaret Norvell
  253. _________ cared for over 200 people who had been left homeless.
    Margaret Norvell
  254. CG Navy Cross Medal winners
    William H. Best
  255. Elam Russell
  256. Raymond J. Evans
  257. CWO applicants must have at least ______ years of total active service... the last _____ years with the CG
    8, 4
  258. OCS applicants must be between ____ and ___ years of age.
    21 and 26
  259. PPEP applicants must be between ___ and not yet ____ years old
    21, 32
  260. CG Academy applicants must be between ___ and ___
  261. SRDC applicants must be between ___ and ___-
    21, 36
  262. Counseling of an employee review must be completed no later than ___ days following the employee review period ending date
  263. The CG Foundation Enlisted Education Grant program is for active duty person el in pay grades E-3- to E-9 with ______ or more years of CG service
  264. Report of Survery form number
    Form CG-5269
  265. A special employee review is required, regardless of the time since the last employee review, on the date a member is;
    Awarded non-judicial punishment
  266. Convicted by a court-martial
  267. A micro purchase for acquisition or supplies shall not exceed
  268. A micro purchase for the acquisition for services shall not exceed _____
  269. If the total amount of the purchase exceeds the micro purchase threshold then ____ price quotes shall be required
  270. PRs for construction requests are limited to ________
  271. Confined spaces are any areas that have which three characteristics:
    Large enough and so configured that an employee can bodily enter and perform assigned work
  272. Limited or restricted means for entry and exit
  273. Not designed for continuous human occupancy or worked in on a full-time basis
  274. Which type of confined space does not contain hazards or potential hazards?
  275. Single hearing protection is required at _____ dB
  276. Double hearing protection is required at ____ dB.
  277. Five main types of directives
  278. Instructions, Manuals, Message-Type Notices, Notices, Standard Operating Procedures
  279. How many Performance and Discipline are there for 3307s.
  280. Approved CGMS Symbols
    ' Apostrophe
  281. : Colon
  282. , Comma
  283. ) Parenthesis
  284. ? Question Mark
  285. " Quotation Mark
  286. / Slant Bar
  287. - Hyphen
  288. . Period
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