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  1. CG four categories of leadership.
    Leading self, Leading others, Leading performance and change, Leading the coast guard
  2. How many leadership compentencies are there in the CG?
  3. EMI is not to be used as a substitute for _________ punishment or ______punishment
    judicial (court-martial, NJP
  4. EMI lasts only ____hours or less per day.
  5. ________ is only for the period of time it takes to correct the performance deficiency for which it was assigned...no longer
  6. EMI is assigned on a day that is not the enlisted member's _________.
  7. You have to have the commanding officer's permission if you assign EMI for completion __________
    after the normal working hours
  8. EMI does not deprive the enlisted person of _________ liberty to which he or she is entitled.
  9. Examples of privileges that can be withheld during EMI.
  10. Special liberty
  11. Scheduling of leave during a particular period...however, reasonable opportunity to take annual leave may not be denied
  12. Exchange of duty
  13. Participation in special command programs
  14. Access to base or ship libraries, base or ship movies, or enlisted or officers' clubs
  15. Base parking
  16. Base or ship special services events
  17. Commissary and exchange privileges...provided such withholding complies with applicable rules and regulations, and is otherwise in accordance with the law.
  18. Under rules for court-martial ______, enlisted personnel must be in the performance of military law enforcement duties in order to conduct searches and seize property or evidence
  19. Probable cause search and seizure : Under court martial ______, a search authorization by a commanding officer or judge must have been granted.
  20. Under rules for court-martial ______any evidence obtained as a result of these searches is admissible.
  21. __________ serve as fulltime addiction prevention facilitators.
    Addiction Prevention Specialists
  22. ________ conduct and assist other command CDARs in awareness training.
    Addiction Prevention Specialists
  23. CDAR responsibilities
    Provide assistance to command regarding drug or alcohol abuse
  24. prevention information
  25. • Establish unit prevention plans
  26. • Hold scheduled annual awareness training for supervisors and all
  27. hands
  28. • Prepare local instructions
  29. • Provide initial meeting with members identified as having possible
  30. alcohol abuse problems or receive an alcohol/drug incident; arrange
  31. necessary referrals, including diagnostic screening
  32. • Coordinate implementation of the mandatory precare/aftercare
  33. program with the commanding officer and ensure submission of the
  34. follow-up documentation.
  35. • Obtain treatment and education for personnel as appropriate (ensure
  36. listed on unit check-in/out sheet)
  37. • Keep commanding officers or officer in charge informed of the
  38. expected date of return, prognosis, and personal needs (pay, orders,
  39. etc.) of members undergoing treatment
  40. • Assist and provide support for personnel returning to duty from
  41. treatment
  42. • Advise the MLC Substance Abuse Program Representative (SAPR) of
  43. all members in this program being transferred to another unit
  44. • Coordinate the transfer of case files with the SAPR.
  45. An ______________ is an occurrence where alcohol is involved or present but is not the causative factor for a member's undesirable behavior or performance.
    alcohol situation
  46. An __________ involves any behavior that:
  47. Results in the member's loss of ability to perform assigned duties
  48. Brings discredit upon the Uniformed Services
  49. Is a violation of the UCMJ, Federal, state, or local laws where alcohol is determined to be a significant or causative factor.
    alcohol incident
  50. Romantic Relationships between members are unacceptable when:
  51. • Members have a supervisor and subordinate relationship (including
  52. periodic supervision of duty section or watchstanding personnel)
  53. • Members are assigned to the same small shore unit (less than 60
  54. members)
  55. • Members are assigned to the same cutter
  56. • The relationship is between chief petty officers (E-7/8/9) and junior
  57. enlisted personnel (E-4 and below)
  58. • The relationship is manifested in the work environment in a way that
  59. disrupts the effective conduct of daily business.
  60. A Human Relations Council will be established in commands of ____ or more full-time personnel
  61. ll units or commands with ____ or more full-time billets (active duty,
  62. civilian, reserve on extended active duty) are required to have a HRC.
  63. Individuals within the Ready
  64. Reserve designated as essential to initial contingency requirements
  65. have priority over all other Reserve elements. They are assigned to
  66. Coast Guard or selected Joint Service units, and are required to train
  67. for mobilization as prescribed in 10 U.S.C. 10147. They participate in
  68. both inactive duty training periods and in active duty for the purpose
  69. of annual training.
    Selected Reserve
  70. Coast Guard ________ members are generally authorized 48 paid
  71. Inactive Duty Training (IDT) drills and at least 12 paid Active Duty
  72. for Training (ADT) days per fiscal year.
  73. This pool of personnel principally consists of individuals who have had training and have
  74. previously served in the Active forces or in the Selected Reserve
    Individual Ready Reserve
  75. _________ members are not required to meet the same IDT and ADT training
  76. requirements as Selected reservists.
    Individual Ready Reserve
  77. The __________ consists of reservists who are not in the Ready Reserve or the Retired Reserve, but who are liable for involuntary recall to active duty as provided in 10 U.S.C. 12301 and 12306.
  78. Standby Reserve
  79. Reserve members who have completed the requisite qualifying years creditable for non-regular retired pay and are receiving retired pay (at, or after, age 60) under Chapter 1223 of 10 U.S.C.
  80. Reserve members who have completed the requisite qualifying years creditable for non-regular retired pay and are not yet 60 years of age, or are age 60 and have not applied for non-regular retirement pay.
  81. Reserve members retired for physical disability under 10 U.S.C. 1201, 1202, 1204, or 1205. Members have completed 20 years of service creditable for regular retired pay, or are 30-percent or more disabled and otherwise qualified.
    Disability Retiree.
  82. If your SDL symbol is not authorized for distribution, prepare a _______, Request for Allowance Change
    CG Form 5323
  83. Usually, ______, Request for Directives, is used to order material.
    CG Form 4428
  84. Publications are listed in the DPRI _______.
    Numerically and alphabetically
  85. The DPRI consists of ____ chapters
  86. IF your SDL symbol is not authorized for distribution, prepare a ______
    CG Form 5323
  87. To ensure effective hazard idnetification, you need to consider these basic categories:
    Equipment, Environment, Personnel
  88. What is the equation for the SPE model?
    Risk = Severity x Probablility x Exposure
  89. The _____ Model addresses more general risk concerns that involve operations planning or reassessing risks as milestones.
  90. Six elements of the GAR model
    Supervision, Planning, Team selection, Team fitness, Environment, Task complexity
  91. Class __ and __ Mishaps warrant a formal Mishap Analysis Board.
    A, B
  92. Class __ and __ Mishaps do not warrant formal Mishap Analysis Boards.
    C, D
  93. Which Mishaps Class
  94. The following are reportable mishaps:
  95. • Coast Guard military members injured or killed, either on or off duty.
  96. • Coast Guard Reserve military members injured or killed when on
  97. active duty status either on or off duty.
  98. • Coast Guard civilian employees injured or killed while performing
  99. Coast Guard-related work.
  100. • Coast Guard Auxiliarists injured or killed while under orders.
  101. • Visitors at Coast Guard facilities or other civilian personnel harmed as
  102. a result of official Coast Guard operations.
  103. • Civilian contractors working on Coast Guard property.
  104. • A Coast Guard member who develops an illness that can be ascribed
  105. to an immediate (acute) or long-term (chronic) occupational exposure.
    Class A
  106. What Mishaps Class:
  107. The resulting cost of reportable property damage is $200,000 or more,
  108. but less than $1,000,000.
  109. • Any injury or occupational illness results in permanent partial
  110. disability.
  111. • Five or more personnel are "in-patient" hospitalized.
    Class B
  112. What Mishaps Class:
  113. The cost of property damage is $20,000 or more, but less than
  114. $200,000.
  115. • A nonfatal injury or occupational illness results in any loss of time
  116. from work beyond the day or shift on which it occurred (lost-time
  117. case).
    Class C
  118. What Mishaps Class:
  119. The cost of property damage is $20,000 or more, but less than
  120. $200,000.
  121. • A nonfatal injury or occupational illness results in any loss of time
  122. from work beyond the day or shift on which it occurred (lost-time
  123. case).
    Class D
  124. Class A and B mishap analysis boards are normally appointed by_________.
    Commandant (CG-113).
  125. Class C and D mishap analysis boards are normally conducted at the unit level with the _________.
    Unit Safety Board.
  126. The material gathered for the mishap falls into two classifications:
    Category I: Privileged Material
  127. • Category II: Nonprivileged Material.
  128. Regarding legal investigations category ___ material is privileged and shall be given
  129. required special handling
  130. Regarding legal investigations category ___ material may be shared by the mishap board and factfinding body.
  131. The two main reasons for writing a business letter in the Coast Guard.
  132. 1. Correspond with a non-federal agency or individual.
  133. 2. Offer a more personal approach to someone in the Coast Guard,
  134. Department of Homeland Security, or Department of Defense.
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