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  1. O9 in the Marine Corp
    Lieutenant General
  2. E8 in the Marine Corp
    Master Sergeant/ First Sergeant
  3. What year did the US declare war on Mexico?
  4. UCMJ article for striking a Petty Officer?
    Article 91
  5. Special marks are required after ++++++ is awarded.
  6. GTCC Standard Credit Limit is ++++. GTCC coordinators can increase to ++++. If it is used less than 5 times a year it is ++++.
    $2500, $9999, $1
  7. Coast Guard Missions
  8. How many months of shop stock can be stored?
    6 months
  9. Price limit on shop stock?
  10. The Federal Supply System maintains various items that require special
  11. handling due to certain deteriorative characteristics. These items are called
  12. +++++ and shall be properly maintained to ensure the US Coast Guard
  13. customers are provided serviceable materiel at all times
    shelf-life items
  14. How long should 1149s be kept?
    3 years
  15. What goes back for MTI/DLR with unserviceable tags?
    1348-1 BC1
  16. ALMIS symbol for overdue and (grounding/disabling
  17. PMS symbol for maintenance to be done in conjunction with another maintenance?
  18. SKED 13 week report signed on what day for upcoming week?
  19. How many ohms between shield on connector and equipment case?
    less than .1 milliohm
  20. RF connector matches cable impedance
  21. How many kV for a device to be considered non-ESD sensitive?
    16 kV
  22. What is true about ESD sensitive material?
    You should use a wrist strap
  23. Relative humidity in a ESD safe area?
  24. How many counter-oil spill task force teams are in the CG?
  25. How much sea time is needed to become a CWO?
    1 year at E-6 or above
  26. Article for the right to remain silent?
  27. Article for the right to inquire?
  28. ES Cable tag?
    Surface search radar
  29. RS cable tag?
    Radio synchronization
  30. Let go (reaction) current for AC?
  31. Heterodyning is done in what part of the radio?
  32. _______ occurs when a transmitted electromagnetic wave passes through the receiver antenna and
  33. induces a voltage in the antenna.
  34. Reception
  35. __________ is the action of separating the low (audio) frequency intelligence from the high (radio) frequency carrier. A detector circuit is used to accomplish this action.
  36. Detection
  37. _________ is the ability of the receiver to select a particular frequency of a station from all other station frequencies appearing at the antenna of the receiver.
  38. Selection
  39. How far away from a tower must you were a hard hat?
    1/2 the height of the tower.
  40. A safety climber must be within how many feet of climber?
  41. A safety lanyard limits freefall to ++++
    6 feet
  42. Use a ++++ splice inside a junction box
  43. How should you join two wires of the same size?
    western union splice
  44. How many amps can stop your heart?
  45. Which districts are in the Atlantic area?
    1, 5, 7, 8, 9
  46. To combat sexual assualt/harassment, the CG has adopted a +++++ policy
    zero tolerance
  47. Responsibility with unrestricted report of sexual assualt?
    CGIS is involved. Full investigation
  48. What year did we start environmental protection?
  49. Who organizes officer ascension programs?
  50. PPEP age limits?
  51. ESD matting is rated for how many volts?
  52. Shorting probes are rated for how many volts?
  53. How long should you short a capacitor?
    30 seconds
  54. What is the first step when measuring 300V or more?
    De-energize the circuit
  55. How many volts to wear rubber boots?
    30 volts
  56. How many volts to wear gloves?
    150 v
  57. How far away from exposed circuits can you be with jewelry on?
    4 feet
  58. HF bounces through what layer of the atmosphere?
  59. What antenna is 1/2 wavelength?
  60. What is electrically different between AM and FM?
  61. Which modulation uses less bandwidth and is less susceptible to weather?
  62. Radar repeaters need what three things?
    Trigger timing pulses, the returning echo, antenna information
  63. What allows a radar to transmit and receive at the same time?
    the duplexer
  64. Width of floor matting tape?
    4 in
  65. What is considered high voltage?
    30 volts or above
  66. Gloves should be worn if you are working with voltage over how much?
  67. IFF test set is what type of test equipment?
  68. The Navy established the rank of CPO in +++++
  69. Solder with a crystallized appearance?
  70. TACAN surface distance?
    390 nautical miles
  71. TACAN aircraft distance?
    200 nautical miles
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