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  1. Adult absorption rate of lead that enters the body?
  2. Absorption rate of lead that enters the body for children?
  3. Microwave frequency range?
    30 MHz to 300 GHz
  4. Eye injuries associated with microwaves
  5. Should Ni-Cad batteries be charged in series or parallel?
  6. At what temperature will a Mercury battery explode?
  7. Which type of radiation is the most difficult to protect against?
  8. Humidity of an electrostatic discharge protected space should be ______
  9. How many kV until something is not ESD sensitive?
    16 kV (16000 V)
  10. How many different ways to dispose of CRTs?
  11. What is the toxic chemical in CRTs?
  12. What is the voltage rating of the gloves to be worn when handling CRTs?
    5000 V
  13. How many T-1 lines are attached to each DGPS station?
  14. How long are ordnance logs kept?
    3 years
  15. What is the PSI of air filled coax cables?
    3-5 PSI
  16. What type of punch is used to keep plates aligned?
    Alignment punch
  17. What should be the resistance between pins on a multi-cable connector?
    50 kohms
  18. How long before you must weatherproof connectors?
    24 hours
  19. How many hours to send out a CASREP?
  20. How many hours do you have to send back a DLR item after receiving a replacement?
    48 hours
  21. What is the extreme cold environments temperature?
    below -35.
  22. Simpliefied Acquisition Threshold on spending?
  23. Types of flexible coax cable?
    single conductor, two conductor, and triaxial
  24. What is the bend radius of coax cable subject to repeated flexing?
  25. How long are Ni-Cad batteries charged?
    14-16 hours
  26. SCAT code for non-approved test equipment?
  27. What temperature should magazines be kept under?
  28. Where is the 76mm overhauled?
    CG Yard Baltimore
  29. How long are report of surveys kept?
    3 years
  30. What is the form number of the surf log?
  31. How often is the tag out log audited?
    Every two weeks.
  32. What is the tag out instruction manual number?
  33. Which type of radiation strips electrons from the atoms?
    Ionizing radiation
  34. What is the IFF code for emergency?
  35. What is the IFF code for communications failure?
  36. How many channels does the TACAN have?
  37. What is the frequency of ultrasonic cleaners?
    20000 Hz
  38. What is the max time to leave electronics in ultrasonic cleaners?
    2-3 minutese
  39. What should not be used with highly caustic solutions?
    Aluminum parts or components
  40. What are waveguides not made of?
    stainless steel
  41. What should never be used to clean electronics?
    Steel wool and emory.
  42. What does the horizontal axis on a spectrum analyzer represent?
  43. What does the vertical axis on a spectrum analyzer represent?
  44. How many days after a CASREP is an update due?
  45. Casualty that causes major degradation but not loss of a primary mission?
    Category 3
  46. Messages sent by underway units must have a code of at least?
  47. How many GPS satellites are in orbit?
  48. The barometric pressure for IFF is in _____ ft increments?
  49. At what temperatures do you thaw batteries?
    27 F for one hour and then 70 F for one hour
  50. What are the angles of waveguides?
    45, 60, 90
  51. When are waveguide supports required?
    No more then 5 feet, minimum of 2 support for a 24” section
  52. How far apart from flanges are waveguide supports placed?
    6 inches
  53. How often are termometers calibrated?
    3 years
  54. What do you do to whip antennas to protect them from cold temperatures?
    Drill drainage holes in them.
  55. What is the funding code for electronics?
  56. What is the storage temperature for coax cable?
    below 66 celsius
  57. What is the brightness of the SRAN light bulb?
    1000W at 120 VAC
  58. How many frequencies does SRAN have?
  59. What is the frequency range of SRAN?
    406-420 MHz
  60. How far in advance does SRAN frequency request need to be routed?
    90 days
  61. How many monitored functions can the Control Display Group unit display?
  62. Temperature in which you should install coaxial cable.
    above 35 F
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