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  1. The computation used to find the average value of a voltage or current is ____ x E max
  2. The computation used to find the effective value of a voltage or current is ____ x E max
  3. The time required to complete one cycle of a waveform is called the _____ OF THE WAVE.
  4. The period of a sine wave is defined as the time it takes to complete ___ cycle.
  5. The maximum value reached during one alteration of a sine wave is the _____ value.
  6. Inductance is the characteristic of an electrical conductor that _______ CHANGE in CURRENT.
  7. __________ is due to power that is consumed in reversing the magnetic field of the inductor core each time the direction of current in the inductor changes
    Hysteresis loss
  8. Current for Perception Effect
    AC: 0-1
  9. DC:0-4
  10. Current for Surprise Effect
    AC: 1-4
  11. DC: 4-15
  12. Current for Reflex Action
    AC: 4-21
  13. DC: 15-80
  14. Current for Reflex Action Effect
    AC: 4-21
  15. DC: 15-80
  16. Current for Muscular Inhibition Effect
    AC: 21-40
  17. DC-80-160
  18. Current for Respiratory Failue Effects
    AC: 40-100
  19. DC: 160-300
  20. Current for Usually Fatal Effects
    AC: Over 100
  21. DC: Over 300
  22. The body's resistance under unfavorable conditions may be as low as ____ ohms and possibly as low as ___ ohms if the skin is broken.
    300, 100
  23. Let-go currents for 60 hertz AC is ____ mA for men and ___ mA for women.
    9.0, 6.0
  24. Let-go-currents for DC is ____ mA for men and ____mA for women.
    62.0, 41.0
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