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  1. Repetitive twitching of a muscle group at inappropriate times
  2. A subjective sensation that precedes a seizure
  3. This reflex is absent with a lesion of cranial nerve V or cranial nerve VII paralysis
  4. The person's ability to recognize objects by feeling their forms, sizes, and weights
  5. Cranial nerve II
  6. Abnormal sensation, such as burning or tingling
  7. This reflex, if positive, is normally present in infants, but not in adults
  8. Increased muscle tone
  9. The ability to "read" a number or letter by having it traced on the skin
  10. This coma scale is used to provide a standardized, objective assessment of level of consciousness
  11. Decreased muscle tone
  12. Uncoordinated or unsteady gait
  13. Cranial nerve VIII
  14. This reflex, in the infant, is also called the "startle" reflex
  15. If this test is positive, the person sways, falls, or widens base of feet to avoid falling when the eyes are closed
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