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  1. History:FLorence Nightingale
    Was the first nurse,trained in Germany, cared for british soldiers in turkey for the Crimen war, She organized the health care system by promoting cleanliness and fresh air, Founded the first traning scholl for nurses  st. Thomas in London 1860. a book in 1859 called notes for nursing
  2. 186--1873: American Civil War
    there was no nurses no medical care, sister of charity, Sister of mercy, sister of holly cross,
  3. Dorothea Six: Civil War
    was a leader and a long time advocate for mentally ill patients, superintendent of women nurses of the union army, program in new York.
  4. Sojourner Truth: Civil WAr African american
    famous abollitionist
  5. Harriet tubman:
    freed the .
  6. Susie King Taylor:
    was a slave, laundress but was called on to assist as a nurse teaching soldiers how to write and read.
  7. Clara Barton: Civil War:
    • provided supplies, set-up a makeshift shift hospital and care for the wounded and dying patients. Called the Angel of the battlefield,
    • Founded the American Red Cross.
  8. Training schools after the civil was
    Bellvue training school for nurses in New York city, Boston and conneticut. feminine qualities were useful in a nurse to be females, discrimination against male nurses.
  9. Mary Eliza Mahoney:
    was the first African American to professionally be educated nurse. ANA
  10. Chicago worlds fair:
    lack of uniformity in nursing education, precursor, curriculmn development for nurses
  11. Henrys street settlement:
    focused on immigration and poverty and overcrowding, made in new York lawyer in the east side 1893. Lilian WAld
  12. First public health nursing:
    Margaret Sangr provided care for immigrants women.
  13. Jessie Sleet Scales:
    first African American that offered public health , published an article of journal in nursing 1901.
  14. Spanish American WAr:1898
    nursing shortage, epidemic fever,army nurse corp and navy nurse corp
  15. World war 1:1917
    epidemic flu outbreak that year, Goldmark report collegiate schools of nursing instead of hospitals, Frontier nursing service 1925 first midwifery nurse proram mary Breckenridge.
  16. World war 2:
    Great depression, hospital staffed by students, social security act 1935 strengthen public health.1 million for nurse education
  17. Post world war 2:
    1954 male nurses allowed to enter military nurse corps, hil-burton expansion of new hospitals
  18. Vietnam 1960-1970s
    social securities act,Medicaid,medicare, worked independently
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