Anatomy 231 Leg muscles: origin insertion and action

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  1. Tibialis anterior
    • Origin= Lateral condyle and upper two thirds of tibial shaft; interosseous membrane.
    • Insertion= By tendon into inferior surface of medial cuneiform and first metatarsal bone.
    • Action= Dorsiflexion; inverts foot
  2. Extensor digitorium longus
    • Origin= Lateral condyle of tibia; proximal three fours of fibula;interosseous membrane.
    • Insertion= Middle and distal phalanges 2-5.
    • Action= Toe extension;dorsiflex foot
  3. Extensor hallucis longus
    • Origin= Anteromedial fibular shaft and interosseous membrane.
    • Insertion= Tendon inserts on distal phalanx of great toe.
    • Action= Extends great toe; dorsiflexes foot
  4. Fibularis longus
    • Origin= Head and upper portion of lateral side of fibula.
    • Insertion= By long tendon that curves under foot to first metatarsal and medial cuneiform.
    • Action= Plantar flexes amd everts foot.
  5. Gastrocnemius (Fio's muscle)
    • Origin= by two heads from medial and lateral condyles of femur.
    • Insertion= Posterior calcalneus via calcaneal tendon.
    • Action= Plantar flexes foot.
  6. Soleous
    • Origin= Superior tibia, fibula and interosseous membrane.
    • Insertion= As for gastrocnemius.
    • Action= Plantar flexes foot; important muscle inposture,walking, running and dancing.
  7. Flexor digitorium longus
    • Origin= posterior tibia.
    • Insertion= Tendon runs behind medial malleolus and splits to insert into distal phalanges 2-5.
    • Action= Plantar flexxes and inferts foot;
  8. Tibialis posterior
    • Origin= Superior tibia and fibula and interosseous membrane.
    • Insertion= Tendon passes behind medial malleolus and under arch foot inserts into tarsals and metatarsals 2-4.
    • Action= foot inversion; plantar flexes foot.
  9. Flexor hallucis longus:
    • Origin= Middle part of shaft of fibula, interosseous membrne.
    • Insertion= Tendon runs under foot to distal phalanx of great toe.
    • Action= Plantar flexion, foot invertion,flexes to at all joints.
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