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  1. Period during which nomads of central Asia impacted other global civilizations?
  2. What type of society and culture were Mongols?
  3. Herds - consisted of?
    goats and sheep
  4. Basics unit of Mongol society?
    tribe, which was divided into kin-related clans
  5. Leadership - from where?
    elected by free men of group, as long as they could hold power
  6. In 12th century - who defeated Quin kingdom of northern China?
    Kabul khan led Mongol alliance
  7. CK's.'s early life?
    father poisoned, Temujin thrust into leadership, taken prisoner, escaped, joined more powerful chieftain, avenged, growing success and reputation, won allies, elected as Khagan p.318
  8. In what year - CK elected Khagan?
  9. Mongol military forces - entirely??
  10. Tumens?
    military units within the Mongol armies
  11. Weaponry used by Mongol army?
    bow and arrow, flaming/exploding arrows, gunpowder projectiles, bronze cannons
  12. CK's first campaigns - where?
    Tangut kingdom of Xi Xia, then attacked Quin Empire
  13. Khwarazm?
    Empire ruled by Muhammad Shan II (Muslim), overwhelmed gy Mongols 1220 p.310
  14. What battle field tactic most frequent employed by Ck's forces?
    pretended flight to draw enemy out followed by heavy cavalry attacks
  15. Capitol of Mongol empire?
  16. Religious policy of Mongols?
    Chinggis: shamanistic but all religions tolerated
  17. Aspects that were not positive under CK?
  18. Following his (CK'S) death- who succeeded as Khagan?
  19. Provision for admin. of his empire following CK's death?
  20. Golden Horde?
    1 of 4 regional subdivision of Mongol Empire after death of Chinggis Khan, south-central Russia
  21. Which khanate undertook invasion of Mulsim heartland?
  22. Political org of Russia - at time of Mongol invasion (13th c.)
    divided into numerous petty Kingdoms centered on trading cities
  23. Nature of Russian resistance?
  24. Social impact of Mongol conquest of Russia?
  25. Which Russian city profited most from Mongols?
  26. Why - political dominance of Moscow under Mongol rule?
    position as collector of tribute for Mongols and seat of Russian Orthodoxy
  27. Battle of Kulikova?
    princes of Moscow with other Russian vassals raised army, defeated forces of Golden Horde
  28. what was the most significant impact of the Mongols on Russia?
    resulting from isolation from Christian lands farther west, Mongol protect Russia from more powerful kingdoms, but was cut off key transformations from Renaissance and Reformation
  29. Why did Mongols not pursue western Europe?
    death of Khagan Ogedei forced Batu to withdrawin preparation for struggle for succession, satisfied with huge empire, found richer lands to plunder in Muslim empires
  30. Ruler of Ikhan horde?
  31. What significant impact did the Mongol conquest have on Islamic hearland?
    destruction of cities from central Asia to the shores of the Mediterranean devastated focal points of Islamic civilization
  32. Who defeated the Mongols in 1260?
    Mamluks - slave dynasty of Egypt
  33. Why did the khan of the Ilkhan horde not follow up on conquest of Is. heartland?
    Mamluks entrenched and growing stronger, threatened by cousin, Berke, new khan of Golden Horde (Muslim), after succession struggle
  34. Kubilai Khan?
    founder of Yuan dynasty
  35. Conquest of Song China - what is most significant?
    so difficult, required more than 35 years p.325
  36. What did Kubilai Khan change the name of the Mongol dynasty to?
  37. Describe social order of #37?
    Mongols - central Asian nomads/Muslim allies - north Chinese - south Chinese/minorities
  38. How did KK maintain the separation of Mongols and Chinese?
    Mongols forbidden to marry Chinese, only women from nomadic societies for harems, Chinese scholars forbidden to learn Mongol script
  39. Major change in the administration of China under the Mongols?
    Mongols and allies occupy most offices at highest level of bureaucracy, Chinese (north and south) ran bureaucracy at regional and local levels
  40. Status of Mongolian women during Yuan dynasty?
    aloof from Chinese culture (confucianism), no footbinding, held rights to property/control in household, freedom to move around, riding to hunt
  41. Yuan policy with respect to religion during Mongol occupation?
    interest in all religions, insisted on toleration
  42. Two social groups that benefited from Yuan administration?
    Muslims, Persians and Turks
  43. What caused a decline in the military reputation of the Mongol Yuan dynasty?
    rebuffs by military lords of Japan (twice), also defeats on expeditions to Vietnam and Java
  44. Founders of Ming dynasty - from what Chinese social class?
    Ju Yuanzhang from poor peasant family
  45. Turkic nomadic leader - began a period of conquest - 1360's?
    Timur-i Lang
  46. What are not exposed to the Turkic expansion of the 1360's?
  47. Compare Turkic expansion to Mongol expansion (1360-1400)
    didn't begin to compare in size, outdid in ferocity
  48. Most critical of the shifts that allowed sedentary civilizations to dominate nomadic peoples after 15thc.?
    devastation to nomadic populations caused by Black Death
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