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  1. What are parameters?
    Population values
  2. What are statistics?
    Sample values
  3. What qualities should estimators possess?
    • They should be unbiased 
    • They should be efficient (relatively stable across estimates)
  4. What is the best estimate of population mean?
    • The sample mean (Y-bar)
    • It is an unbiased estimate of the population mean
  5. Which symbol represents the population mean?
  6. What is a more precise way of referring to variability?
  7. How might one find an unbiased estimation of population variance?
    • By dividing the sum of squares by the degrees of freedom (n-1) rather than n 
    • This is called the sample variance 
    • Dividing by n might cause us to underestimate the true population value
  8. When is dividing by simply n acceptable?
    When describing sample variance
  9. What is the best estimation of population variance?
    The sample variance once the sum of squares has been divided by the degrees of freedom
  10. Which symbol represents population variance?
  11. What do box plots provide?
    A simple graphical representation of data that capture features of both location and spread of scores in a distribution
  12. Label the box plot 

    Image Upload
    • 1: Minimum 
    • 2: Q1
    • 3: Median
    • 4: Q2
    • 5: Maximum
  13. Identify the outliers 
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  14. What are the criterions we use for identifying outliers?
    • Any value that lies 1.5x the interquartile range above the third quartile or below the first 
    • This is used by minitab, and the outliers are plotted above or below the plot
  15. Give an example of a linear transformation
    The conversion of inches into centimetres
  16. Give the equation for a linear transformation
    • Image Upload
    • K denotes a constant 
    • C denotes a constraint 
    • Y denotes the data that are manipulated
  17. How might one find standard scores?
    • Scores are transformed into a common scale so the mean is 0 and the standard deviation is 1
    • The following equation is employed: 

    Image Upload
  18. What is the word equation for calculating raw scores into standard scores?
    Image Upload
  19. What is the unit of measurement for standard scores?
    The standard deviation
  20. If they are normally distributed, what are standard scores referred to as?
  21. Which two linear transformations are involved in finding standard scores?
    • A constant (the mean) is subtracted in order to find deviation scores 
    • The deviation scores are divided by another constant (the standard deviation)
  22. How are new standard scores produced?
    • The original mean is subtracted from each score 
    • The total is divided by the original standard deviation to produce standard scores 
    • Each new standard score is multiplied by the new standard deviation and the new mean is added
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