Codicology Vocab

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  1. Codex
    • a collection of sheets of any material fastened together at the back or spine and usually protected by covers.
    • Medieval codices are constructed of gatherings of conjoint leaves
  2. collation
    the gatherings and/or leaves which make up a manuscript
  3. conjoint leaves
    a piece of parchment folded in half to produce four writing surfaces
  4. gathering
    the little booklet made out of a stack of conjoint leaves all sewn together through the fold
  5. duodecimo
    • the smallest size of manuscript and the icelandic way of doing it.
    • A duodecimo manuscript is made from pieces of parchment that are cut into sixths, and then each sixth is folded in half, which divides the piece of parchment into 12
  6. flesh side/ hair side
    • Parchment often retains the characteristic features of the animal skin it was made from. The hair side of a piece of parchment is the side that was the outside of the animal, as can be seen from the hair follicles. 
    • The flesh side of a piece of parchment was the inner side of the animal's skin.
  7. Foliation
    The system of identifying the leaves of a parchment manuscript by giving each leaf  a number and additionally specifying recto to identify the leaf's upper side or verso for the lower side
  8. recto
    the upper side/ page on the right
  9. verso
    the lower side/ page on the left
  10. tipping in
    the insertion of a single leaf into a gathering
  11. ruling
    • lines which indicate where the writing is to be put down
    • the lines could be scored with a drypoint (stylus) or drawn with ink or a lead plummet
  12. rubric
    A heading at the start of a unit of text, such as a chapter
  13. Octavo
    • A size of manuscript
    • quarters then folded in half- which divides the parchment into 8
  14. vellum
    parchment made from calf skin
  15. pricking
    • the practice of making small holes in a  piece of parchment to establish where the guidelines for the writing will be drawn
    • Also known as ruling
  16. plummet
    a lead point which could be used for drawing, annotation and ruling
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