Human Sexuality: Chapter 11

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  1. Sexual Orientation
    term specifying the sex of those to whom a person is primarily romantically, emotionally, and sexually attracted.
  2. Heterosexual
    a person who is attracted romantically and sexually primarily to persons of the opposite sex
  3. straight
  4. homosexual
    a person who is attracted romantically and sexually primarily to persons of ones own sex
  5. gay
    homosexual; often applied to both men and women
  6. lesbian
    a female with a homosexual orientation
  7. bisexual
    a person who is attracted romantically and sexually to members of both sexes
  8. heterocentric
    the assumption of a "universal" heterosexual orientation
  9. domestic partnership
    a legal contract between two members of the same sex that imparts all or most of the legal benefits of marriage but is not socially or religiously equated with heterosexual marriage
  10. civil union
    another term used for domestic partnership
  11. exotic becomes erotic (EBE) theory
    Psychologist Daryl Bem's explanation for the interaction of biology and environment in determining a person's sexual orientation
  12. gender-conforming behavior
    behavior that is consistent with traditional cultural expectations for a child's sex
  13. gender-nonconforming behavior
    behavior that is inconsistent with traditional cultural  expectations for a child's sex and considered more appropriate for children of the other sex
  14. AIDS stigma
    prejudice and discrimination against nonheterosexual individuals based on the erroneous belief that gay individuals are solely to blame for the AIDS epidemic and are the primary threat for the continuing spread of the disease
  15. protected classes
    specific groups of people protected under federal and state antidiscrimination laws, identified by race, religion, sex, age, or other characteristics
  16. sodomy laws
    laws prohibiting specific sexual activities between adults, even in private and with their consent
  17. homophobia
    extreme fear, discomfort, or hatred of nonheterosexual individuals
  18. gay bashing
    criminal acts or violence motivated by homophobia and committed against nonheterosexual individuals
  19. hate crimes
    violent crimes motivated by prejudice and discrimination, targeting specific groups of individuals
  20. hate crimes laws
    laws prescribing more stringent penalties for crimes motivated by bias or prejudice
  21. psychological defense mechanism
    originally suggested by Freud, a psychological distortion of personally unacceptable thoughts or urges
  22. reaction formation
    a type of defense mechanism in which a person engages in exaggerated behaviors in the opposite direction of internal urges felt to be unacceptable or intolerable
  23. penile plethysmograph
    an electronic device that records blood flow into the penis to detect sexual arousal
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