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  1. direct current (DC)
    - current in which flows through a circuit in one direction
  2. Alternate Current (AC)
    • - current that pushes the energy through the circuit like an accordian
    • - the energy can go in both directions through the circuit
  3. Transformer
    • -a device that tramsfers current and voltage from one circuit to another usually altering the amount of current and voltage to the approprate amount for the circuit receiving the current
    • - used when a person travels to another country where the outlets are different and have different currents and voltages
  4. Circuit Breaker
    • -A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or shortcircuit. this is done by inturrupting the circuit if there is an issue within the circuit
    • - the circuit can be reactivated simply by flipping the corresponding switch on the control panel
  5. Fuse
    • - a device used to prevent a short circuit and/or overheating 
    • -the metal in the fuse melts and disrupts the circuit stopping all flow of electricity
    • - only able to be used once and must be replaced after it has been tripped
  6. Electrical Power
    • -Electric power is usually sold by the kilowatt hour which is the product of power in kilowatts multiplied by running time in hours.
    • p= KW.h
  7. Watt (W)
    • -the standard unit of power in the International
    • System ofUnits (SI), equivalent to one joule per second
  8. Kilowatt (KW)
    • -1000 watts
    • -more commonly used unit
  9. EnerGuide label
    -The EnerGuide label is a tool to help you make an energy-wise choice when buying a new appliance. It shows how much energy appliances consume in a year of normal service measured in kWh and makes it easy to compare the energy efficiency of each model to others of the same size and class.
  10. Smart meter
    -A smart meter is usually an electronic device that records consumption of electric energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicates that information daily for monitoring and billing purposes.
  11. Time of use pricing
    • - the amount of cents that 1 KW.h will cost 
    • - may varry depending on the time of day and the time of year
  12. Phantom load
    • - a load that is constantly activated so long as the circuit is connected to a power sounrce
    • - example the clock on a microwave
  13. Efficency
    • - a measure of how much energy loss occurs in a circuit
    • - measured as a percentage 
    • -total input
    •  total output= efficiency
  14. Base Load
    • - the minimum amount of electrical energy used by the province 
    • -
  15. Hydroelectric Power generation
    - energy that is produced by the force of water pushing and turning the power genorator in a damn
  16. Intermediate load
    - the amount of energy used by the province that is in the middle of base load and the epak load
  17. Peak load
    -the highest amount of energy that can be produced by the province
  18. Renewable energy source
    - source of energy that can be recreated at the same or greater rate than it is consumed
  19. Non-renewable energy source
    - energy source that can not be recreated at the same or greater rate than it is used
  20. Solar energy
    • - energy that is converted from the heat and light eneregy from the sun using solar panels 
    • - solar energy can only be produced for aproximatley half of the day while other forms of energy can be produced throughout the entire day
  21. Pholovoltaic effect
    • - the effect that energy from the sun will cause current or voltage in a circuit 
    • -example a solar panel
  22. Biomass energy
    • - energy passed from one organism to another the further up the trophic ladder the less and less percentage of the energy is passed to the next organism
    • -energy that is originally from the sun and through the process of photosynthesis is turned into the chemical form of energy glucose
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