Biology Carbo Quiz

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  1. Carboxyl
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  2. Carbonyl
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  3. Phosphate
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  4. Sulfhydryl
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  5. Amino
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  6. Hydroxyl
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  7. isomer
    a compound that has the same numbers of atoms of the same element but a different structure and different properties
  8. 3 types of isomers
  9. structural isomers
    • -differ in covalent arrangement 
    • -number of isomers increases as you increase the size of the carbon skeleton 
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  10. geometric isomers
    • -have the same senescence  of atoms but differ in the spatial arrangement of atoms due to the presence of a double bond 
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  11. enantiomers
    • -molecules that are a mirror image
    • - middle carbon is asymmetrical
    • -designated L and D for left (levo) and right (dextro)
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