Strategic Products & NEXT

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  1. What are three advantages of the myAT&T app?
    • 1. Customers can control their data usage. 
    • 2. Can pay their bill using the app. 
    • 3. Can reset passwords. 
    • 4. Can make changes to their account. 
    • 5. Can add authorized users
  2. How do you get credit for a customer logging into myAT&T?
    Customer does a transaction in pos and logs into the myAT&T app.
  3. What tool would you use if a customer has a Family Talk plan or unlimited data? And how does the tool work?
    Explore Mobile Share tool

    Tool averages last three months of data and recommends Mobile Share plan. 
  4. What tool would you use to help explain the discounts and how much a customer would pay/save over the life of the agreement?
    • Value calculator
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