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  1. Why is hematology important?
    • clinical pathology
    • diagnosing illness and disease
  2. What is the function of blood?
    • distribution of absorbed nutrients
    • transports oxygen, carbon dioxide, waste products and hormones
    • assists with body temp, constant body pH, prevention of excessive blood loss, defense against disesase
  3. What types of cells make up blood?
    • erythrocites (RBC)
    • leukocytes (WBC)
    • platelets
  4. What are the components of blood?
    • cells
    • plasma
  5. What is plasma?
    • fluid component of blood that suspends cells and other substances like nutrients, proteins, hormones and electrolytes
    • anti-coagulant
    • 92% water, 8% substances
  6. What are the primary proteins found in plasma?
    • albumen
    • globulens
  7. What are the evaluation characteristics of blood?
    • Hematocrit
    • color
    • volume
    • pH
  8. What is Hematocrit?
    • packed cell volume (PCV)
    • measures cell component compared to fluid component
    • can indicated changes like anemia and dehydration
  9. What color is whole blood?
    • red
    • more oxygen, the lighter red it will be
  10. What color are Red Blood Cells?
    dictated by amount of hemaglobin
  11. What color is plasma?
    opaque to slight yellow
  12. What is blood pH?
    • measures hydrogen ions
    • normal is about 7.3 to 7.4
  13. What is venous blood pH?
    • more acidic because it carries CO2
    • dark red color
  14. What is arterial blood pH?
    very red and oxygenated
  15. What is the primary function of erythrocytes?
    What do they synthesize?
    Where are they stored?
    How long is degradation?
    • transport oxygen
    • synthesize red bone marrow
    • stored in spleen, bone marrow, in circulation
    • 120 days
  16. What is the primary intracellular component in erythrocytes?
  17. What is oxyhemoglobin?
    when oxygen attaches to hemaglobin
  18. What is carbaminohemoglobin?
    removes CO2 for exercise
  19. What is the primary function of leukocytes?
    provide immune response
  20. What are the classes of leukocytes?
    • granulocytes
    • agranulocytes
  21. What is the primary function of platelets (thrombocytes)?
    • seal off area of injury
    • immune response
  22. What is hemostasis?
    stoppage of bleeding
  23. How does hemostasis work?
    • 1. smooth muscle contraction
    • 2. platelet plug forms
    • 3. clot forms over opening
  24. What are the anti-coagulants in plasma?
    • Heparin
    • EDTA
  25. What is serum?
    plasma minus clotting proteins
  26. Why would you collect blood as plasma?
    if you're looking for specific clotting
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