OB exam 3

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  1. What is the definition of a high risk pregnancy?
    one in which the life or health of the mother or fetus is jeopardized by a disorder of condition coincidental or unique to pregnancy
  2. What are the prenatal high risk factors for social personal?
    • Low income
    • low educational level
    • poor diet
    • excessive alcohol consumption
    • initmati parrtner violence 
    • high BMI
    • Low BMI
    • age<16 and >35
    • smoking 
    • substance abuse
  3. What are the prenatal high risk factors associated with preexsisting medical disorders?
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • cardiovascular disease (cardiac, HTN, thrombolembolic disease) 
    • Anemia
    • Thyroid disorder
    • renal disease 
    • All of these and take into consideration all the meds they are on to treat disease
  4. What are the high risk factors associated with Obstetrical/previous pregnancy?
    • previous stillborn
    • habitual (recurrent abortion) 
    • C-birth
    • Rh or blood group sensitization
  5. What are the high risk factors associated with Ob/current pregnancy?
    • Grandmultiparity > 5
    • Twin gestation
    • metabolic 
    • endocrine 
    • hemorrhage 
    • HTN 
    • Blood incompatibilities
    • trauma / substance abuse
    • prelabor complications
    • placenta abnormalities
  6. How is carbohydrate metabolism normally in early pregnancy? in second half?
    • early:increased insulin production and tissue sensitivity 
    • Second half: increased peripheral resistance to insulin
  7. Why does the placenta produce several hormones during pregnancy to antagonize insulin? what are those hormones?
    • to spare glucose for the continuously growing baby; 
    • Human placental lactogen* 
    • progesterone
    • growth hormone
    • corticotropin-releasing hormone
  8. What is the primary concern in pregnancy with preexisting diabetes
    control of blood glucose levels
  9. How does hPL work?
    affects fatty acids and glucose metabolism; promotes lipolysis, decreases glucose uptake
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