Chapter 12 Quiz 1

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  1. Renewed Religious struggle
    -shift from central to ____ Europe; Lutherans/Zwinglians to non-Lutheran Protestants
    -equally dogmatic, aggressive, and irreconcilable church systems
    -religious pluralism
       1. first adopted by ____ eventually by politicians and leaders- politiques
    -wars of religion were internal national conflicts and truly ____ wars
    • western
    • intellectuals
    • international
  2. The French Wars of Religion
    -persecution of French Protestants - Huguenots
          1. appease ____
          2. ____ to anti-Catholic rhetoric; Edict of Fontainebleau and Chateaubriand
    -power shift from France to Spain because of death of Henry 2 and competition between the ____, Montmorency-Chatillons and Guises families for ____ dominance.
    • Charles V
    • reaction
    • political
  3. Appeal of Calvinism
    -ambitious ____ and discontented townspeople joined Calvanist churches; secular and religious ____ mixed
    • aristocrats
    • motives
  4. Catherine De Medicis and the Guises
    -Queen mother Medicis tried to ____ Protestant and Catholic factions
          1. January Edict; massacre at Vassy ____ French wars of religion
    -The peace of saint-germain-en-laye
          1. acknowledged the power of Protestant nobility, granted Huguenots religious freedoms within their ____ and the right to fortify their cities.
          2. Crown caught between fanatical ____ and Guise extremes
    -the Saint Bartholomew's day ____ made the religious struggle in Europe an international struggle for survival
    -Protestant Resistance Theory
          1. Calvin condemned willful ____ and rebellion against constituted governments as un-Christian ____ one was a lawful part of a tyrannical government
          2. John Knox- First blast of the trumpet against the terrible regiment of Women
          3. Francois Hotman - Franco Gallia, Theodore Baza - on the right magistrates over their sunjects; plessis mornay - defense of liberty against Tyrants
    • reconcile
    • starts
    • territory
    • Huguenot
    • Massacre
    • disobedience
    • unless
  5. the rise to power of Henry of Navarre
    -Henry III steered a ____ ____ between the Catholic League and the Huguenots; sought alliances with people who put ____ survival above religious unity.
          1. Peace of Beaulieu ____; Day of Barricades fails; alliance struck with Henry of Navarre
          2. Henry of Navarre becomes Henry IV and brings ____ to France
    • middle course
    • political
    • fails
    • peace
  6. The Edict of Nates
    -Treaty of ____ ends hostilities between Spain and France
    -Granted Huguenots freedom of ____, right of assembly, admission to public offices and universities, and permission to ____ towns.
    • Vervins
    • public worship
    • fortify
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