history chapter 6

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  1. who was king of England during the revolution?
    King George III
  2. all of the townshend acts were repealed except the tax on this product?
  3. what act or bill closed Boston harbor before the war began?
    Boston port bill
  4. what date was the declaration of independence approved?
    July 4, 1776
  5. where the declaration of independence was signed?
    Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Independence Hall
  6. who said," give me liberty or give me death!"?
    Patric Henry
  7. where did the "shot heard around the world" taken place?
  8. who was the commander of the colonial army?
    George Washington
  9. who captured Ft. Ticonderoga (group of men)?
    Green Mountain Boys
  10. who was the Green Mountain Boys leader?
    Ethan Allen
  11. what was the first major battle of the Revolutionary War?
    Bunker Hill
  12. who won the Bunker Hill battle?
  13. who wrote "common sense?"
    Thomas Paine
  14. who was the chairman of the committee that wrote the declaration of Independence?
    Thomas Jefferson
  15. what is a Loyalist?
    those that wanted to remain loyal to Britian and the king
  16. what is another name for a loyalist?
  17. who said "I only regret that i have but one life to lose for my country"
    Nathan Hale
  18. what happened to Hale?
    the British hanged him
  19. what battle was the turning point of the war?
  20. who was king on England during the revolution?
    King George  III
  21. What is a Patriot?
    Someone who fought for America
  22. silversmith who warned that the the british were coming?
    Paul Revere
  23. Who was the swamp fox
    Francis Marion
  24. French general who led France in aiding the colianal army
  25. prime minister of Great Britain 1766 -68
    William Pitt
  26. the final victory was won here
  27. mohawk chief who helped the british
  28. peace treaty that ended the war
    Treaty of Paris
  29. president of the second continental congress?
  30. document declared and reconized what official language would be in quabec
    quabec act
  31. European country joined the cause of the war (what side)?
  32. what did the spanish get for helping the war?
  33. What country passed the Quebec act?
  34. legeslature that passed the Quabec Act
  35. What side was Hanes on
  36. slogan popular about taxation?
    No taxation without representation
  37. fighting quaker
  38. helped tanslate book of Mark into Mohawk
    Joseph Brant
  39. who were the Hessions?
    • German soldier
    • British fighters
  40. Nathan Hales' occupation before the war
    school teacher
  41. british plan in spring 1777, howe captured hork, then he what?
    icelate new england
  42. three things the battle of saratoga did
    • french people formed an aliance to help us 
    • they finished british chances of icolating north east 
    • lifted moral of the americans
  43. Where were the American solders camped during a harsh winter?
    Valley Forge
  44. women that helped US during the battle of monument?
    Molly Pitcher
  45. name of ship that john jones sailed, how did get it's name?
    • Bonhomie Richard 
    • named after poor Richards almanack
  46. fighting gangcot
    general Thomas Sumter
  47. What are privateers?
    vessel used to fight the war
  48. Kentucky volunteer who captured people?
    george rogers clark
  49. Benedict Arnold was going to give away what military force for money?
    West Point
  50. who won the last battle
  51. french naval comander?
    Admeral De Grass
  52. names of law to govern themself
    tolerable act
  53. document that removed british protecters
  54. tax over writing tools
    townshend act
  55. General that surrendered at battle of Yorktown?
  56. prime minister that wanted to help U.S
    William Pitt the elder
  57. name of an american that spied for U.S?
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