Jesus and the Gospels Unit exam 1

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  1. Why did He come to this Earth?

    Who was Jesus?
    God gave His Son to _______ forever.
    • Christ brought redemption.
    • Elevation of the human race.

    As Son of Man, He gave us an example of Living by God's Law, as Son of God He gives us power to do the same.

  2. As Son of Man, He gave us an _________.
    As Son of God He gave us ________ to do the same.

    God gave His Son to humanity forever, How?


    Reached out to humans.
  3. Why did God choose Israel to be His people?
    Joseph in ?
    Daniel in?
    • To be missionaries of the world.
    • Egypt
    • Babylon
  4. What is the meaning of the "fullness of time" for Christ's first coming?
    Where is it talked about?
    What elements constituted the "fullness of time" for Christ's first coming?
    • When all the signs have been fulfilled.
    • Gal 4:4
    • 1. All nations under one government; Roman Empire.
    • 2. One language was spoken; Greek.
    • 3. Jews of dispersion attended the annual feast and men were required to attend.
  5. Mark 1:1
    Matthew 1:1
    • Jesus, Son of God
    • Jesus, Son of Abraham
  6. Meaning of:
    • Anointed One, by His Baptism when Dove came down on Him.
    • Teaching or Revelation of Christ.
    • God with us.
  7. _________ contained the Prophecy that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.

    "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word Is God."
    • Micah 5:2
    • Gospel of John 1.
  8. Three things adult males had to attend?

    How old was Jesus when He was Baptized?
    How old was He when crucified?
    • Passover,
    • Pentacost,
    • Feast of Booth

    • 30
    • 33
  9. Three areas of temptation were?
    • Appetite,
    • Love of display,
    • and Love of the world.
  10. What does Nicodemus mean?
    What was He?
    • Conqueror of the people, Ruler of Jews
    • Pharasee
  11. What did John the Baptist assail?
    • Religious arrogance,
    • Social injustice,
    • Personal apathy.
  12. Judaism in the first century was dominated by three things:
    • The Temple,
    • Sabbath,
    • Law of God.
  13. John The Baptist was born to what tribe?
    Levi--the Priestly tribe
  14. Bethlehem means?
    What Prophecy is in Micah 5:2?
    Where is the Prophecy of Christ's Baptism and death?
    • House of Bread.
    • Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.
    • Dan 9.
  15. King Herod was called?
    What does edomite mean?
    • the wily edomite.
    • Children of Esaa, little Jewish and pagan.
  16. When did the passover come about?
    How old was Jesus when He attended His first Passover?
    15th through 22nd of Nissan

  17. Why was Jesus Baptized?
    How were Jesus and John related?

    Why did John hesitate to Baptize Him?
    • 1. To fulfill all Righteousness.
    • 2. Identify with the Human Race.

    • Cousins
    • Because Baptism is to wash sin away but Christ had no sin.
  18. God spoke three times in an audible voice during the ministry of Jesus.
    • 1. At His Baptism.
    • 2. On Mount of Transfiguration.
    • 3. Greeks visit to Temple of the vast throng at Jesus' Baptism, only a few actually heard the voice of God.
  19. What two things did Jesus try to accomplish by His cleansing of the Temple?
    • 1. Proclaim His Ministry.
    • 2. Show difference between Sacred and common.
  20. What two Temples (other than Jerusalem Temple) does Jesus want to clean today?

    In the Bible, Water is called?
    • 1. Our heart Temple.
    • 2. The Temple of the Heavenly Sanctuary.

    "Gift of God"
  21. Four world empires had significantly impacted the country of Palestine?
    • Babylon
    • Persians
    • Greece
    • Romans
  22. Five political divisions in Palestine beginning with Judea?
    • Judea
    • Samaria
    • Galilea
    • Decapolis
    • Perea
  23. What were the five religious groups?
    • Pharasees- Legalistic Puritans
    • Saddusees- Political and Social Aristocrats
    • Herodians- Tax collectors who supported King Herod.
    • Zealots- Defendants of Judaism known as rebels.
    • Esceens- Monks who isolated themselves.
  24. What were the three places that God verbally spoke in during Christ's time?
    • 1. At the baptism.
    • 2. Mountain Transfiguration.
    • 3. Greeks visit of temple of the Vast Throng at Jesus' baptism, only a few heard the voice.
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