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  1. Conditioning
    System of bringing a horse to a level of fitness that is sufficient for him to do his job efficiently and correctly
  2. Time period to bring an unfit horse to point of regular work
    4-6 weeks
  3. Principles of Conditioning
    • Training Effect
    • Demand
    • Progressive Loading
    • Overloading
    • Rest
    • Nutrition
    • Peaking
  4. Training Effect
    Refers to Physical Development

    All systems involved, but cardiovascular (heard & blood vessels) and musculoskeletal (soft tissues & bones) are most affected
  5. Demand
    Work creates a demand for more oxygen and fuel in the cells

    Purpose of conditioning exercise is to increase demand enough to stimulate training effect

    Body needs to adapt for demand
  6. Progressive Loading
    Small, measured increases in exercise

    Too little exercise - No demand to stimulate conditioning

    Too much exercise - Overloading, injuries, breakdown
  7. Overloading
    Body is subject to work/stress beyond its limits
  8. Signs of Overloading
    • Dull coat
    • Poor appetite
    • Weight loss
    • Lack of energy
    • Disinterest in work/sourness
    • Heat and/or filling in legs
  9. Rest
    Allows replenishment of depleted oxygen and aids in mental stability & attitude
  10. Nutrition
    • Fuel for energy
    • Enough liquids to be properly hydrated
  11. Peaking Condition
    • Cannot improve ability or performance
    • Cannot remain here indefinitely
  12. Muscles store ____ & ____ as sources of energy for muscle contractions
    Glycogen & Triglycerides
  13. Metabolism Types
    • Aerobic Metabolism
    • Anaerobic Alactic Metabolism
    • Anaerobic Lactic Metabolism
  14. Aerobic Metabolism
    Produces energy at low rate that is sustainable for a long period of time

    Dietary fats → fuel
  15. Anaerobic Alactic Metabolism
    Produces energy in short but intense bursts that last for 10-20 seconds

    Creatinine phosphokinase & glycogen → fuel
  16. Anaerobic Lactic Metabolism
    Produces energy for strenuous exertion that lasts for more than 20 seconds

    Glycogen, such as carbohydrates → fuel

    Produces lactate
  17. Slow-Twitch Fibers
    Best for aerobic metabolism

    Long-distance work that requires endurance
  18. Fast-Twitch Fibers
    Best for anaerobic metabolism

    Brief, strenuous exercise such as jumping
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