industrial revolution study guide #1

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  1. What was the major change in the United States economy after Westward Movement?
    • Before:         – agriculture/farming  
    • During I.R.: – manufactured goods
  2. What did Alexander Graham
    Bell invent?
  3. Why did the transportation
    system help promote the industrial revolution?
    The railroad shipped materials to cities to be made into different products.
  4. How did the invention of
    the light bulb promote economic growth?
    Factories could stay open longer.  It was safer than kerosene.
  5. Andrew Carnegie brought the
    Bessemer process to the U.S.
    What did this process do?
    It changed iron into steel.
  6. What industry did Carnegie
    have a monopoly in?
  7. What energy source replaced
    water power?
  8. Where did people move to with growth of big business and the invention of the automobile?
    To the suburbs
  9. How did the invention of the telegraph, the telephone and the light bulb help to further the industrial revolution and affect the lives of
    The telegraph and telephone allowed businesses and people to communicate with each other quicker or instantly.

    The light bulb allowed factories and businesses to stay open after dark which lengthened the work day.
  10. What were three major developments that promoted the industrial
    revolution in the United States?
    • Mass production
    • the railroad
    • new inventions such as the light bulb and the telephone and telegraph.
  11. What affect did mass producing manufactured goods have on the price of goods?
    It lowered the prices
  12. Inventors and scientists contributed to the
    Industrial Revolution in the United States and helped the U.S. to become what?
    A leading industrial and military power in the world
  13. Explain what an entrepreneur is.
    (Scientists are entrepreneurs!) An entrepreneur is a scientist, inventor, or small businessman opened businesses that stimulated the growth of the American economy.
  14. Scientists served as ________________, developing their inventions into businesses that stimulated the growth of the American economy.
  15. What is an entrepreneur?
    a small business owner
  16. While in his lab, Edison worked with a team of scientists to invent a variety of inventions, which included
    • the incandescent light bulb
    • the phonograph (record player)
    • power generating stations
  17. Edison’s lab at Menlo Park, New Jersey was funded by investors. What are investors?
    People who buy stock in a company to help the business have enough money to run and hope to gain a profit.
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