Prehistory to 1500

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  1. Who were the foreigners?
    • Phoenicians
    • Greeks
    • Celts
    • Cartheginians
    • Tartessos
  2. In 206 BC, who arrived in the IP?
    Romans arrived in this year.
  3. In 500 BC, what city was founded?
    Carthage was founded
  4. After 206 BC, who are the Iberians controlled by?
    The Romans control this group
  5. Which was the last city to say they do not want to be controlled by Rome?
  6. How was Numantia destroyed and by whom?
    This city was destroyed by Scipio Africanus, the young. This city committed mas suicide.
  7. Semitic group
    Language group
  8. Which groups were part of the punic wars?
    Carthaginians and Romans fought in these wars
  9. What was the Punic Wars about?
    The control of the Mediterranean Sea was the purpose of these wars
  10. What was the event leading up to the first Punic War?
    The control of the island of Sicily was the start of this war
  11. Which general created the Ebro Treaty?
  12. What does the Ebro Treaty State
    • Sicily and the Ebro river belong to Rome
    • Carthaginians are allowed to conquer south of the Ebro River
  13. What are the parts of the Romanization Process?
    • 1) 2nd Punic War
    • 2) Dealing with the Natives
    • 3) Roman Civil War
    • 4) Cantabrian Wars
  14. Which step led to the fast track of the Romanization Process?
    The Roman Civil Wars
  15. 2nd Punic War
    • Scipio Africanus, the elder vs Mago
    • Scipio in charge of cutting supply lines to Mago
    • Battle of Ilipia
    •      Consequence: Mago is defeated, end of Carthaginian presence, and the city of Italica was created
    • Battle of Zama: end of Carthaginian empire and war altogether
  16. Dealing with the Natives
    • Defeat of Lusitanians (Romans and Iberians)
    • Numantia is defeated by Scipio Africanus, the young
  17. Roman Civil Wars
    • Two political parties: Optimases and Populares
    • Sertories vs Pompey: Pompey wins
    • JC vs Pompey in Gallic Wars: Battle of Munda, no more Pompey
    • JC adopted his nephew Octavious before he died
    • Octavious became emperor Augustus and enacted the Pax Romana
  18. Cantabrian Wars
    The Cantabrians did not want to be ruled by Rome anymore so they revolted and defeated Rome.
  19. Pontifex
  20. Pontifex Maximus
    • High Bridgemaker
    • Can call religious meetings
  21. Who was the first Roman Emperor?
  22. Transformation of the Roman Empire
    • Language
    • Law and Administration - corpus luris civilis and lex romana visigothoroum
    • Art, culture, and society
    • Cities and Infrastructure
  23. Corpus Luris Civilis
    The body of civil law
  24. Lex Romana Visigothoroum
    Separate laws taken from Roman Laws
  25. Emperor Diocletian (305) pegan
    • Passed the edit against the Christians, keeping them out of public
    • Great Persecution - Christians asked to be killed for their faith: martyrdom
    • Failed and Retired
  26. Constantine I, the great
    • First Christian Emperor
    • Edict of Milan (313 AD): recognizes Christianity and gives bishops secular jurisdiction
    • 1st Council of Nicea (325)
  27. Last Pegan Emperor and signified the end of pagan rome
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