Swine Production Exam #3

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  1. What are the main functions of the ovaries?
    • production of ova
    • production of progesterone and estrogen
  2. Main functions of the infundibulum?
    • Surrounds ovary
    • Collects ova and directs it to oviduct
  3. Length of uterine horns in a non-pregnant sow
  4. Site of fetal development
    uterine horns
  5. The _______ ____ of a sow is smaller than in other species.
    uterine body
  6. Site of semen deposition
  7. At what point is the cervix open and closed in a sow?
    open during estrus and parturition, closed otherwise
  8. Passageway for piglets at birth
  9. External portion of female repro tract
  10. GnRH causes...
    release of FSH & LH
  11. Role of FSH
    • follicular growth
    • estrogen production
  12. Role of LH
    • maturation f follicle
    • ovulation
    • forms CL
  13. Role of progesterone (P4)
    • maintains pregnancy
    • inhibition of estrus
  14. Role of estrogen
    • estrus
    • feedback on GnRH
  15. Role of prostaglandin
    • regression of CL
    • stimulates GnRH release
  16. What is anestrus?
    period in which no estrous cycle is exhibited
  17. Causes of true anestrus in sows
    • nursing sows
    • malnutrition
  18. Causes of true anestrus on gilts
    • prior to puberty
    • malnutrition or zearalenone exposure(mycotoixin from moldy grain)
  19. Physiology of estrus:
    Moderate levels of estrogen stimulate...
    • increased vocalization
    • red, swollen vulva
    • secretion of mucus from the vulva
  20. Physiology of estrus:
    High levels of estrogen stimulate...
    • standing reflex
    • surge in LH
    • ovulation
  21. What are methods to sync estrus in prepuberal gilts
    • boar exposure: 70-80%, 10-14 days later
    • boar exposure: 70-80%, 5-10 days later
  22. What are methods of to sync estrus in sows and gilts with a normal cycle?
    Matrix: feed 14 days. Estrus averages 4-9 days later
  23. Sows that have weaned piglets will come into estrus...
    within 10 days (90-95%)
  24. When does ovulation occur?
    about 40 hours after the onset of estrus
  25. Factors that affect ovulation rate and how...
    • Age: sows 18-20 ova/ gilts: 12-14 ova
    • Nutrition: flushing may increase ovulation rate
    • Breed: maternal vs terminal
  26. Primary and most reliable sign of estrus detection...
    "back pressure test"
  27. Secondary signs of estrus...
    • red, swollen vulva
    • nervous activity
    • seeking the boar
    • loss of appetite
    • vaginal mucus
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