Bio Psych test 2 part 3

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  1. What is a receptor organ
    Eyes, ears, olfactory tract, skin
  2. What is the dorsal column system?
    white matter, sensory, spinal cord (all sensations follow this)
  3. Where is the dorsal column stream?
    Receptor -> DRG -> dorsal horn -> medulla (deccusation) -> Thalamus -> somatosensory parietal cortex
  4. What is sensory transduction?
    signals from the environment are transduced into a PNS electrical signal that can be conveyed to the CNS for perception (energy signals transduce from PNS to CNS)
  5. What are the steps of sensory transduction
    mechanical stimulation deforms to corpuscle

    Tip of axon (unipolar cell) stretches

    Axonal ion channels mechanically open

    Sodium entry causes a generator potential
  6. What is DRG
    Dorsal root ganglion contains the cell bodies of sensory neurons that bring information from the periphery to the spinal cord

    Herpes live here
  7. What is the spinothalamic system
    It transmits information to the thalamus about pain, temperature, itch, and crude touch

    The pathways then deccusate at the level of the spinal cord, rather than in the brainstem
  8. CNS
    Major role is to sense, and interpret, signals from the environment

    Has receptors and sensory processing systems to detect energy and substances in the environment
  9. The Brain spends considerable amount of energy on what?
    on noticing change or novelty in the environment
  10. Ascending pain sensory pathway
    Axons relay signal to dorsal horn, dorsal column, using glutamate and substance P; spinothalamic system, cingulate gyrus
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